Russia Finally Solves a Problem: Peacekeepers Leaving Kazakh as CIA Revolution Quashed!


Hey – won’t you look at that?

Turns out the Anglin Method for dealing with a State Department color revolution works:

  1. Turn off the internet completely
  2. Shoot anyone who violates curfew


Problem solved.


The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan was a success, and the multinational deployment will begin a gradual withdrawal in two days, Nur-Sultan said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Parliament, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev explained that all regions of the country are now stable, more than a week after the start of fuel price protests. The authorities have claimed that the demonstration turned violent after being hijacked by terrorists and organized crime groups.

On January 5, Tokayev asked the CSTO, a security alliance made up of six former Soviet republics, for help in “overcoming the terrorist threat” within the country. The group quickly agreed and sent troops the next day. The multinational force includes units from Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The main mission of the CSTO peacekeeping forces has been successfully completed. In two days, a phased withdrawal of the CSTO joint peacekeeping contingent will begin. The withdrawal process will not take more than ten days,” the president said, describing the invitation for foreign assistance as legally justified.

Let’s get a slow clap gif here, folks.

Part of the Anglin Method is to not allow CIA terrorist groups and other fifth columnists to be established in your country in the first place, while also running your own media and education system that constantly bombards the youth with the idea of the supremacy of their nation and the fact that evil forces of homosexuality and Jewry are trying to destroy them.

But if we’re switching up the game here a bit, maybe that is advice that will be followed.

  • The first rule of not having a color revolution: do not accept money from the United Nations or Western NGOs
  • The second rule of not having a color revolution: do NOT accept money from the United Nations or Western NGOs

Every country that allows Western propaganda – usually by being bribed – ends up with a color revolution waiting to happen. It is literally a deal with the devil. You cannot allow these foreign institutions to operate and control the thoughts of your youth, or you WILL be overthrown.

China is really the only country that takes this seriously, which is why they not only don’t accept foreign education money and media propaganda, but also ban all Western social media. All of these countries should have banned Twitter, Facebook, etc. as soon as they existed, and created their own insulated copies.

But even China doesn’t advise their client states to do this, which is why you ended up with this complete mess in Burma. In the middle of the Burmese revolution, they said they were shutting off the internet, then decided not to. Frankly, it is kind of hard to shut off the internet in the middle of a revolution, which is why it is much better to simply ban all of these foreign influence sites beforehand – then you don’t have to shut off the internet, because you won’t have a color revolution in the first place.

Western intelligence using these smartphone-based social media sites to overthrow enemy governments started during the Arab Spring – which means it’s been going on for a decade. It’s not a mystery. The Arabs can claim they were actually sprung with that spring, but no one else can.

I don’t know if the boomers running the former USSR are reading my website more carefully or if they simply hired some people under 60 to advise them on how to deal with a color revolution.

But this is the greatest success we’ve seen.

It’s an even bigger success than Belarus, where although Lukashenko went full ride-or-die, he didn’t manage to shut off the internet, and didn’t use nearly enough deadly force, and so he had to deal with weeks of protests. To be fair to him, he was more at risk of actually being invaded by NATO.

Here’s the Thing

The Western world is destined to collapse internally. The whole thing is just too completely deranged, too totally based on lies, and too weird and gross.

The most important thing for the continuation of some form of civilization is that the remaining resisters to this system hold out against the forces of darkness until the West collapses in on itself.

It’s a race against time, maybe? Perhaps some other idiom would be more appropriate. But the point is: it’s about just holding the fort down until the West inevitably implodes.

The bigger threat than color revolutions is this coronavirus hoax, actually. But that’s another topic altogether. Well, it’s a related topic, because just like the funding for these revolutionary “pro-democracy” youth education programs are coming from UN bribery programs, so is this whole virus hoax. But I guess it’s less obvious? I don’t know, frankly. Nothing seems very obvious to the people running Russia. They seem to be in a kind of fugue state when it comes to using any sort of strategy or tactics to push back against the West, their only plan being “better bombs.”

But, if this Kazakhstan thing is really over, then I’d say that demonstrates a new kind of thinking is going on. I’m still in total shock that Russia hasn’t completely banned Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. I’m in shock that they don’t have a program to educate teenage boys on Slavic supremacy and the ongoing threat of the Western Jewish and homosexual movement, and the fact that those who have been zombified by this movement represent an enemy within. I’m even more shocked that they’re going along with the virus hoax.

I think that Russian boomers actually believe that there is a virus and that it is some kind of Western plot, actually. They really just need to bring some younger people in to be like, “brah, lemme redpill you on that.”

But all else aside, God bless them. The Russians finally won something.