Russia Finally Hit by Body Positive Movement, Ugly Wahmen are Mobilizing!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2019

Everywhere you look, the Hyperborean peoples are losing control of their women, who are becoming nasty, fat and vindictive whores.

Things are accelerating in Russia because you have a bunch of Westernized sluts and Jews migrating back to the motherland to spread their newly acquired STDs and Jewish MK-Ultra programming among the cosmopolitan populations of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The Guardian:

In a new wave of Russian feminism, thousands of women are posting selfies on social media showing their pimples, cellulite and hair loss to challenge beauty stereotypes that women’s rights activists say fuel low self-esteem and eating disorders.

The #AllIsFineWithMe trend – started by a Russian teen who has struggled with anorexia – is the latest initiative to push back against unrealistic pressures on women and girls to look perfect, often driven by airbrushed images on social media.

“Russia is still a very patriarchal, body-conscious country where strict beauty standards and body-shaming are an everyday reality,” said Janette Akhilgova, Russia consultant for women’s rights group Equality Now.

A minor detail: this Janette Akhilgova is not a Russian, but an Ingushetian (probably mixed) who appears to be some sort of UK-sponsored spy. Her LinkedIn resume is completely and thoroughly Globo-Homo, and she’s doing vague “peace-keeping” related consultancy in the North Caucasus (read: acting as a Western liaison with Moslem terrorists) while spreading her Feminist death-cult ideology as well.


If I were the FSB, I would, you know, get on that. 

But it appears that someone is asleep at the wheel at HQ.

You’ll know it’s BOOM! time when sadistic homosexual Paul Joseph Watson and the grotesque people at Turning Points USA arrive in Russia to start talking about spreading Human Rights Democracy to the oppressed hipsters of Moscow.

t. Charlie “BOOM! in the night” Kirk

These horrendous wahmen will be marching at the head of the 5th column, their cellulite exposed in defiance of Putin and his evil ways.

“#AllIsFineWithMe is about the fact that every body is right and beautiful. There are no bodies that need to be worked on, improved or changed.”

More than 2,500 people have used the hashtag and a video promoting the campaign featuring models with scars, burns and other perceived defects has gathered more than 1 million views and hundreds of comments.

Fair warning. This is pretty cringe/10:

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⠀ ⠀ #СоМнойВсёТак ⠀ Стандарты красоты разрушают жизни, самооценку и здоровье девушек ⠀ Этот проект – то, о чём нельзя молчать ⠀ Тема бьёт по больному и отзывается до мурашек и слёз, но вдохновляет на любовь к своему телу таким, какое оно есть ⠀ ⠀ Важный социальный ролик вышел на канале «ТУСИМ У ТУСИ» – ссылка в шапке профиля ⠀ ⠀ Нужно, чтобы как можно большее количество людей увидело этот выпуск ⠀ Поэтому смотри его прямо сейчас, не откладывая, рассказывай знакомым и участвуй во флешмобе, цель которого – распространение философии любви к себе БЕЗ стандартов женской красоты ⠀ Напиши в посте свою историю, покажи себя в сториз без макияжа и масок, поставь наш хештег, сделай шаг к принятию себя и помоги другим ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Со мной всё так ⠀ А с тобой? ⠀

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“I am the way I am, and to hide the flaws diligently is a waste of time,” wrote user @krasavina70, who has only one hand due to a congenital disorder.

“I have a bunch of features: uneven skin from acne, post-acne, overweight, cellulite, stretch marks … [but] after all #AllIsFineWithMe despite the fact that people often try to prove the opposite,” user @myafka.smm posted.

But not everyone was supportive of the campaign, with some users saying it promoted unhealthy lifestyles.

“All these fat girls will accept themselves as they are, and then in old age they suffer from high blood sugar,” one user commented.

“Until a few years ago the pro-feminist agenda in Russia was barely visible but nowadays it has a much higher profile,” said Akhilgova of Equality Now.

The videos that these women are spreading is absolutely horrendous. It made my stomach churn – especially this mutant burn victim bitch:

I should not have to lose my lunch just because some wahman decided to date a Moslem and got KEBAB’d. If Russia was ready to get serious here, they’d lock up this creature in the KGB dungeon and throw away the key.

But here we are…

It’s not all bad news, though. 

You’ve got some lit memes coming out of Russia nowadays.

The technological Meme Gap between Russia and the West is rapidly closing:

Meme-technology is being deconstructed and repurposed by Zoomers to combat Jews and degeneracy, with impressive results.

I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.