Russia FINALLY Fights Back! Set to Block Google Use in Country

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2018

It hurts me to say this, but Russia has been holding back in the fight against Globo-Homo.

All the time, I hear Lavrov or that woman talking about how they still want to work together with their Western “partners” in the official statements coming out of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On the one hand, I understand the strategy of biding one’s time. On the other, it’s clearly way past time to start fighting back.

To be fair, Russia’s been revamping its military and preparing their economy for war pressure. So credit due where credit is due on that front. But they still haven’t gone all out on all fronts.

Until now.


Russian legislation may be amended to allow harsher sanctions against foreign IT-companies, including blocking Google, that keep violating the country’s laws, Russia’s telecom watchdog Roskomnadzor warned.

“Blocking will become the toughest possible measure,” but it would be justified, considering the content of the banned websites Google allows its users to browse freely, he said. 

Well, the reasoning is… convoluted to say the least. Basically, the Soviet Boomers running Roskomnadzor are saying that Google isn’t blocking bad stuff like porno and gore and Islamic state porno-gore on their search engines.

A new law was introduced in Russia this October that obliges all operators of search engines to exclude terrorist, extremist and other illegal websites from their search results.

However, Google refuses to filter the illegal content, despite Roskomnadzor holding several meetings with the representatives of the US tech giant and explaining the legalities to them.

Google is a very principled company that cares about the sanctity of free speech in Russia lol.

It doesn’t really matter what bad reason they come up with though, what’s important is that they start weaning their citizens off Google and using Yandex, the Russian equivalent, instead.

Because if Google can influence culture, politics and elections in America, you better believe that they can do the same in Russia. The clampdown comes late, but hey, better late than never.

In September, the watchdog also threated to block Facebook in Russia as the company violated the bans on storing of Russian citizens’ personal data on servers located outside the country. 


VK is a good Russian alternative, even though it’s run by a shitlib as well.

Last I heard, Pavel Durov’s VK got taken over by an oligarch loyal to Putin

Also, Russia needs to ban Instagram and every single e-thot enabling social media. Create a more controlled domestic e-thot alternative for them. These bitches aren’t going to be able to figure out VPNs. And if they’re going to slut it up, may as well keep it domestic and not let them run loose on international platforms where they’ll be exposed to bad behavior from Western sluts and offers of cash to get shit on by Middle Eastern perverts.

In fact, I’d ban most social media outright, but these whores would start rioting in the streets if we did smdh.


All this is to say that Russia needs economic, financial, technological and cultural autarky going forward.

They’re big enough to pull it off. And neighboring countries will be eventually pulled into their orbit because of the alternative that Russia can offer. This has to happen.

Because a globalized world means no alternatives. 

But a multipolar world gives us a fighting chance. For one, countries will no longer be able to go crazy and fuck with their citizens to the extent that they do now. Because their citizens will be able to look over at other countries doing things differently and start asking why they can’t do things like that other bloc does things.

Furthermore, since all of us reading The Stormer now are basically going to end up as persecuted cyber-criminals on the run like characters from a William Gibson novel… it will help us immensely if the long cyber-arm of the CIA and the JIDF couldn’t reach us literally everywhere like they can now.

Russia going full autarky and paving a path for other blocs to go their own way gives people like us opportunities that we just don’t have right now.

As an example, just think what we could do with a payment processor that doesn’t boot us off immediately. For that, you need an independent bank and a foreign alternative to Patreon and Pay Pal that just doesn’t give a fuck about your fight with Silicon Valley in California.


More and more countries are definitely going to be going their own way in the years to come. I’m so optimistic that I’m certain we’re all going to meet up in Neo-Tokyo 10 years from now as part of a clown-paint sporting bank-robber Neon-Nazi gang/political dissident community when we’re forced underground by the Neon-FBI.

I hope you’re looking forward to this future as much as I am.