Russia Correctly Identifies US as a “Liberal Totalitarian State”

The United States no longer even makes a pretext of being a free country.

They talk about “freedom,” but they are literally talking exclusively about anal sex and abortion. If you ask them to explain what they mean by “our values,” they will literally tell you: “anal sex and abortion.”

They’re not pretending anymore.

But they still get outraged if anyone points it out.


The US and some other Western nations held up as “models of liberal democracy” are rapidly turning into totalitarian regimes reminiscent of the Soviet Union, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has claimed.

Speaking on Thursday at the Moscow Conference on International Security, Sergey Naryshkin claimed that there are “almost all signs of a totalitarian dictatorship” in some Western countries, including a “monopoly on the media,” the “police nature of the state,” and the “irremovability of oligarchic elites.”

Check, check, check, check.

But a homosexual man is allowed to “adopt” a little boy!

And black people are allowed to riot!

And you can “abort” a baby after its head is already popping out!

It is astonishing to see how the West is trying to divide our diverse world into two completely artificial camps – a supposedly democratic one and a supposedly authoritarian one,” Naryshkin said, noting Russia, China, and Iran have been placed into the second camp, along with NATO ally Turkey and, on some issues, EU member state Poland.

“The US and other so-called models of liberal democracy seem not to notice that they themselves are rapidly turning into a liberal-totalitarian regime,” the chief spook said.

According to Naryshkin, the West’s imposition of ideological attitudes is somewhat reminiscent of the history of the late Soviet Union, in that it doesn’t even believe the values it tries to project abroad.

Well, they’re definitely projecting gay anal sex.

Honestly, I’m not clear on what the other values are. And frankly, they don’t seem to be claiming that any other values exist.

As an American, what I feel is that I am being forced, against my will, to worship black people and homosexuals. And this seems to be very straightforward. I don’t think that there is dishonesty at the core of the presentation.

Sure, they will vaguely insinuate that they support “free speech”… but not really. For the most part, when they speak out against China and Russia, they seem to take issue with the fact that these countries are not gay enough, not feminist enough.

In fact, the regime appears to be getting progressively more honest in the way it presents itself, in that they are ditching a lot of the material about freedom, and replacing it with just straight up aggressive demands: “we will force your children to be trannies.”

Yes, they are saying that there is a war between “democracy” and “autocracy,” but you have to look at the definitions.

The only part that is really hypocritical is that they are calling for blacks to kill the police while also implementing a terroristic police state run by the military. That part is a bit dishonest.

But everything else is progressively getting more and more straightforward.

Yes, it does sound retarded and confusing when they claim that America is “more free” than Russia or China. But you just have to understand: they are talking about free anal.