Russia: Chocolate Cake Kills Paramedic Woman in Self-Defense

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 18, 2020

She tried to eat a cake, but the cake ate her life.

After being eaten with impunity for so long, cake has finally said ENOUGH and started biting back at women.

Daily Mail:

A trained paramedic choked to death after forcing three Choco Pies into her mouth during a cake-eating contest in Russia.

Alexandra Yudina started choking after emptying her plate at a Moscow bar in a race with two other contestants.

The 23-year-old gasped for breath and collapsed to the floor with her mouth apparently still full of cake.

She tried to force the poor innocent cake into herself.

If that sounds like sexual violence, it’s because it really is.

Digestion might very well be the ultimate form of rape. Everything is taken and absorbed, and then the leftovers are discarded as if they were just a piece of shit.

But the cake peoples from all around the world have had enough of that.

Just a few weeks ago, a brave cake empowered itself and also killed a rapist slut in self-defense during a cake-raping contest in Australia.

Bar staff and some of her friends with medical qualifications rushed to help her but were unable to clear the blockage.

An ambulance crew arrived at the Killfish bar but could not save the 23-year-old’s life.

Footage of the horrifying incident was shared by partygoers at the Moscow venue while CCTV footage was shown on Russian television.

After Alexandra walked away from the table where the contest was held, the footage shows a photographer taking her picture as she suddenly becomes unsteady.

She appeared to be heading towards the toilet but she collapsed on the floor despite a friend’s attempts to catch her.

If women won’t manage their own weight, then the food itself will manage their weight — by killing them, because dead women eat no cakes.

Each competitor was given three small cakes, believed to be Choco Pies with a marshmallow filling.

The footage shows Alexandra trying to stuff two of them into her mouth at once after eating the first, causing her to choke.

Alexandra had been happily ‘drinking, dancing and joking’ earlier in the evening, said friends.

The 23-year-old had graduated from a medical college with a qualification as a paramedic.

She was qualified to save people, but she couldn’t save herself.

Because she was too busy trying to rape a cake.

Alexandra Yudina

Let this be a reminder to all women in the world that the cake peoples will not endure the horrors of matriarchal mastication anymore.

Cake has been oppressed for way too long.

Sluts beware: you may be eating cake now, but it’s only a matter of time before cake starts biting back, and then… then cake will have the last bite.

The Cake Empowerment Revolution has just begun.