Russia Can Now Run Its Own Internet Completely Free of the World Wide Web

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2019

I’m not sure this test tested everything. But it’s a good start.


Russia completed a series of tests on Monday checking that its internet services could function if the country were to get cut off from the worldwide web, Deputy Communications Minister Aleksei Sokolov said.

The review, conducted over the course of several days on specially designated networks, follows a “sovereign internet” bill introduced in November in response to what Russia calls the “aggressive nature” of U.S. national cyber security strategy.

According to the law, state-run institutions and security services, as well as all communications operators, messengers and email providers, must participate in the tests, which do not affect regular internet users.

“Our goal was to provide an uninterrupted internet service on Russian territory under any circumstances,” Sokolov told a press briefing.

The weak point of the whole world is the fact that the US has maintained cyber dominance.

China has been free of this for years now. I’m glad that Russia understands the necessity of it. And they probably can run all of their own government infrastructure without needing the West.

But ultimately, you need your entire civilian internet to work without the help of the West to actually run a society if they decide to shut you off.

And Russia has a long way to go before that’s a reality.

They have done a pretty good job of making their own services, however.

I unironically use Russia’s Yandex search engine almost as much as I use Google at this point. Over the last three years, Google has become so heavily censored that it has become nearly worthless for many purposes.

In particular, the Yandex Image Search is very useful. It has all the best memes. You use it and really realize just how brutally Google has cracked down. It is virtually impossible to find any good memes at all on Google Images, and Yandex is just brimming with them.

This isn’t because Yandex created a “good memes” algorithm. It’s just that memes are naturally good, and in order to have a situation where you search memes and get only bad memes, you have to be mass censoring memes.

No joke – go type a meme term into Yandex Images and find out for yourself. You may end up spending hours browsing all of the dank you’ve been yearning for.

Some of this stuff is already being translated into English, but you can obviously search English terms, and you don’t need to know anything other than that “найти” means “search.”