Russia Calls Out Joe Biden for Locking Capitol Protesters in Solitary Confinement, Torture

Russia has finally come out and actively defended White Christian Americans.

It’s time for the people of this country to recognize that we have a lot more in common with Russians than we have with the Democrats.

Russia also needs to learn that this is the narrative that makes sense. The Biden Administration is trying to start a war, and it’s going to be a lot harder to do that if half the country thinks Russia is more of a friend than their own government.


After US President Joe Biden revealed he plans to raise the issue of human rights when he meets his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin next month, Moscow has said it is happy to have the discussion, as long as it goes both ways.

Speaking as part of a press conference on Monday, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that “we are ready to talk, we have no taboo topics. We will discuss whatever we think is necessary. We will be ready to answer the questions that the American side will raise. This also applies to human rights.”

However, he said, one issue likely to be on the table is far closer to home for Biden than others might be. “For example, we are following with interest the persecution of those persons who are accused of the riots on January 6 this year” in Washington. There, Lavrov added, “a lot of really interesting things are happening from the point of view of the rights of the opposition and protecting those rights.”

His comments come just a day after Biden declared he would take a tough stance on questions of civil liberties during a Memorial Day speech in Delaware. “I’m meeting with President Putin in a couple weeks in Geneva, making it clear we will not stand by and let him abuse those rights,” he said. “It’s time to remind everybody who we are.”

I don’t really think about leftist rhetoric in an emotional way ever, but I’ll tell you: I’m so, so sick of this faggot “who we are” shit.

It is the most vile thing – claiming that there is some kind of collective identity inside of the vision of America that the Democrat Party is promoting is truly sickening.

“Who we are” is human rights, and that means we’re going to teach Russia a lesson about a gaping gay asshole. That’s America. That’s what our flag stands for. That’s the values that evil white slave owners fought for: a gaping anus, stretched out from another man jamming his penis into it.

It’s also disgusting that this language is so obviously pulled from the Marvel Comics films.

It’s also just so ridiculous.

We support both Israel and Saudi Arabia (along with the list of Arab countries) – but Biden is saying “who we are” is confronting Russia on human rights and gay sex.

As far as Lavrov finally talking about the people being tortured in a special political prison in Washington for allegedly trespassing – good on him. It’s about time someone stood up for white Americans, and I’m glad it’s Russia. This is actually a pretty big deal.

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I would spread this information around – I think Americans (even boomers) will be happy to hear that our fellow white Christian brothers across the ocean are pulling for us – and defending us. It means a lot.

We should all keep the Capitol Stormers in our thoughts and prayers. It’s disgusting Donald Trump doesn’t do more for them. His troops being jailed should be his number one concern – but there is just no loyalty with that man.

The other issue here: Joe Biden is going to go to a meeting with Putin?


The man can barely talk, how is he going to have a meeting about issues with a foreign leader? It’s not possible.

Will they send the other Biden? 

Whatever happens at the meeting – I’m excited to see it.

They might try to hoax Putin with a sophisticated hologram.

What if Biden goes to the meeting and rips off his mask and it’s the other Biden? 

That would be a twist for the ages.