Russia Building Badass “Youth Army”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2018

tfw you’ll never be part of Putin’s youth army. Why even live?

While the West is busy teaching its teens to chop off their penises and feel super bad about enslaving Blacks and gassing Jews, Russia is building a patriotic YOUTH ARMY.

I guess this is like the Boy Scouts or the cadets, except they’ll presumably be learning to shoot AKs and lynch homos instead of doing knots  and campfires.

New York Times :

Often in Russia these days, what is old is new again or, to be more specific, what is Soviet is new again.

The Youth Army, open to both boys and girls, is a militarized throwback to the Young Pioneers of the Soviet era. Meant to instill a sense of Communist zeal, the Pioneers are mostly remembered for their summer camps.

Yeah, that reminds me of something else, too.

To be honest, I’m surprised the media is even whining about the Soviet stylings. I thought these journalists all loved communism?

Well, I guess in their minds that wasn’t real communism or whatever, since they weren’t all trannies.

The Youth Army jettisoned the Communist bits, emerging as a kind of hybrid version of the scouts and a reserve officers training program, with an emphasis on patriotism and national service.

The trademark red endured.

Sounds pretty based!

They have a great taste in art, too.

To mark the holiday in February known as Defender of the Fatherland Day, the Ministry of Defense organized the first national forum of the organization, gathering together around 8,000 members at Patriot Park, the Russian military’s own theme park in Kubinka, some 30 miles west of Moscow.

The park’s expo center evinced all the charm and historic grandeur of a shopping mall, but one whose grounds were sprinkled with retired tanks and other military vehicles painted in green camouflage.

With the event — parts nationalistic pep rally, arms bazaar, junior Olympics and nerd science fair — the organizers made a distinct effort to make the Youth Army seem cool.

The event involved practicing handling guns, driving tanks in a simulator, learning to use 3d printers and doing sports competition. Generally pretty awesome stuff, which is healthy for young people.

The kind of stuff we’re sorely lacking at this point.

It’s no wonder these New York Times kikes are so triggered by this – they imply throughout the article that this whole thing is sinister and evil.

Now that the boyscouts are all fagged out, there’s no healthy option for youth organizations in America. We’ll have to make our own.

The kids will learn to shoot guns and drive tanks too, of course, but more importantly, we’ll have internet shitposting workshops and tell nigger jokes and scary Jew stories around a campfire.

The Stormer summer camps will be the best thing ever.

It’s gonna be like Meatballs, if that movie hadn’t been made by kikes.

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