Russia Braces for Screeching Liberal Shill Protests in Moscow

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2019

Get ready for never-ending liberal screeching. Mike Pompeo is activating all of ZOG’s assets around the world.


The Russian opposition has received a permit for a rally in Moscow that may draw up thousands of people. Fueled by celebrity support, the protest follows two unsanctioned gatherings that resulted in over 2,300 arrests.

The opposition already arranged a sanctioned protest back on July 20, but then decided not to wait for the authorities to grant another authorization. They staged two unsanctioned demonstrations on July 27 and August 3, but those rallies became disorderly when protesters tried to block the streets of downtown Moscow.

Imagine trying to have an unsanctioned rally in the West. They’d sic the dogs on you, and I’m not even talking about Antifa – I’m talking about police dogs.

Just like they did to the Tommywaffen in the UK.

Consequently, over 2,300 were detained by police during both events for disturbing the peace. Most of them have since been released.

They hold these people for a couple of hours and then let them go because they’ve all got connections and/or are underage little brats whose fathers work in the Kremlin bureaucracy or the media and so are untouchable.

The protests began over the registration of candidates for the 45 seats on the city council, with the election scheduled for September. The Electoral Commission disqualified 57 independent candidates, citing irregularities such as fraudulent signatures, whereas it accepted 233 others. Some of those rejected urged demonstrators to “storm the city council” and “seize the streets.”

One of the organizers, Lyubov Sobol, is a member of an unregistered party led by Alexey Navalny, an anti-corruption activist often identified as the “leader of the opposition” by Western media, though his popular support is in single digits.

Navalny’s people at it again.

Under Russian laws, organizers of mass gatherings have to negotiate its venue and maximum turnout with the authorities. Demonstrating outside of the agreed location is considered unlawful.

The turnout is expected to be boosted by celebrity support. YouTube blogging star Yury Dud has urged people to come to the protest, NHL player Artemy Panarin and renowned rapper Oxxxymiron, an Oxford graduate – have also joined in.

Rap musicans with celebrity status among Russian young people like Face, IC3PEAK, and Krovostok are also expected to attend the rally, though there is some confusion as to whether they will perform during the event. While the organizers say there will be a performance, the authorities say the protest permit does not include a concert. 

Let me just put my cards on the table and say that Russian rap is the most god-awful musical creation known to man. If you listen to it, you should honestly be sent to the Siberian work camps until the homo is frozen out of you. Furthermore, going down the list of the famous “Russian” rappers is like reading the Tel Aviv Yellowpages because they’re almost all some kind of weird Judeo mutt mix that hates Russia, hates Putin and hates Christianity.

They are pure propaganda poison aimed at corrupting the youth.

Going down the list of the big stars who are trying to start a Maidan in Moscow, we have to mention Oxxxymiron because he is a rather big name considering he’s an irredeemable faggot with no talent that mumbles out some profanity-laced dog shit and skates by on his connections to movers and shakers.

Unsurprisingly, he is also Jewish.


Miron Yanovich Fyodorov was born on 31 January 1985 in Leningrad, in an educated family of Russian Jews. His father is a theoretical physicist and his mother is a librarian. When Fyodorov was 9 years old, his family emigrated to Rüttenscheid, Germany. During his studies in Maria Wächtler School, Miron had a ‘tense relationship’ with his classmates because of his social standing and poor German. At the age of 13, Fyodorov began to write lyrics and rap in German and Russian under the name MC Mif (from Miron Fyodorov). When he was 15, the Fyodorovs moved to Slough, United Kingdom. In 2004, Miron Fyodorov began studying at the University of Oxford in the faculty of English. During his studies Fyodorov was the president of the Russian community of Oxford. In 2006 he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had to stop studying, however he managed to continue studying after a break. In June 2008 he graduated from the university with a degree in Middle English literature.

Moving down the list, IC3PEAK is the cringiest try-hard teenage edgelord shit I have ever seen in my life. It’s basic bitch Satanism and Wiccan witchcraft garbage mixed in with anti-Russian propaganda that no one wants to see.

The lyrics go something like:

Let it all burn, let it all burn, let it all burn!

I pour kerosene on my eyes, let it all burn! 

And on and on it goes.

It is Antifa-tier optics with some dyke bitch ritually desecrating the symbols of Russia because Russia is considered too Fascistic and oppressive for their liking. You thought Pussy Riot was bad?

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Also, the Wiki doesn’t say if the IC3PEAK crew is Jewish or not, but if I were a gambling man, I’d at least say that GRIDS is at play.

Moving down the list, Krovostock is about as bad and destructive to society as it gets. Unsurprisingly, the band gets glowing accolades from the Western press for their attacks on the Church and promotion of drugs and violence.


The lyrics of a rap group created in the early 2000s by two art college graduates were ruled illegal by a local court in the Russian city of Yaroslavl on Wednesday. The court agreed with the prosecution in its allegations that the band’s songs contain descriptions of killings, drug propaganda and “calls to deny human morality”—not exactly surprising findings, considering that Krovostok is, well, a hip-hop band (their name means “blood groove” in Russian).

Look at these hardcore gangsters. Totally not closet homos, no.

Hardened Alpha-male killer.

For the past 12 years they have been consciously pushing gangsta rap aesthetics to the extreme, writing brilliantly detailed, believable and witty—though completely fictional—stories about the turbulent and adventurous lives of drug dealers, street gangs and hit men (with all the cursing one can imagine that entails). In fact, the narrative quality of their songs is so impressive that their fan base was originally mostly composed of Moscow journalists and intellectuals.

A bunch of Moscow shitlib urbanite rich kids who make music for their soft, SWPL peers. Now, working with journalist and socialite scum, they are calling for protests against Putin and Russia.

Like pottery. 

Finally, there is Face.

You don’t need me to tell you this, but let me just say that this guy is a total basketcase.

Interestingly, he’s a reformed Nazi and former White Nationalist who renounced his ways and decided to promote drugs and sex to the youth instead. Funny enough, the Kremlin offered to work with him to promote a more cleaned-up and patriotic product, but being an edgelord he flamed out at them and went on the warpath against the Kremlin instead. To call him a literal drug-addled schizo is putting it mildly. He should have stayed put in the looney bin when he was first committed. And while Liberals allying with Nazis isn’t unheard of in Eastern Europe, but I’m not sure what he’s supposed to represent anymore other than just hating Russia and being a faggot.

All this is to say that the freaks are on the march. 

The Mutant Army plans to besiege the Kremlin this summer, and they’re bringing out all of the monsters.

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