Russia Blocks Tor

No one seems to know what this means.

Maybe Russia is planning to completely shut off the foreign internet so they can protect their own country. Or maybe they’re worried about Islamic terrorism.

Whatever the case, weird move.


The Tor browser, which allows users to surf the internet anonymously and access prohibited webpages, has been blocked across much of Russia, according to recent reports from an internet-monitoring group.

The Open Observatory of Network Interference, or OONI, reported last week that Tor’s system of proxy servers in Russia had partly stopped working at around 5:21pm Moscow time on December 2.

While Russian authorities had not yet commented officially on the block, on Monday, politician Anton Gorelkin addressed the matter on Telegram, writing, “I have never been a supporter of blocks, but in Tor’s case I simply don’t see an alternative.” Tor was used primarily for illegal activity, he claimed, and he concluded, “Tor, for me (and, I think, for all well-thinking people), is an absolute evil, which we must fight as firmly and with as little compromise as possible.”

It’s accurate that it’s used primarily for illegal activity. But it’s now also largely being used for activity that has been labeled de facto illegal by the Jews – i.e., truthful content about Jewish behavior or this stupid virus hoax.


Did Russia ban Tor?

Not quite. This week, Roskomnadzor (RKN), the Russian telecommunications watchdog, sent a warning to the Tor Project. The Tuesday notice said the project’s main website,, was flagged as containing information “the distribution of which is banned in Russia” and that unless the unlawful material was deleted, the address may be blocked in the country.

On Friday, the website’s status on the list was changed to “restricted.” Some Russian internet providers reportedly started blocking access to it and some of its ‘bridges’ – relays that the network uses to obfuscate traffic and circumvent restrictions.

So Russians now can’t use Tor?

They can. The restriction doesn’t apply to the mirror websites of the Tor Project. Its phone apps are freely available at app stores and finding PC variants is not a problem.

The main architecture that allows the Tor network to operate was not affected. One could feasibly see the RKN move as a shot over the project’s bow, but it’s not a crackdown – at least not yet.

How did Tor respond?

With defiance. It said Russia was the second-largest nation in terms of its usership, with over 300,000 people connecting to the network daily, and called for more help to keep the service running.

“As it seems this situation could quickly escalate to a country-wide Tor block, it’s urgent that we respond to this censorship! We need your help NOW to keep Russians connected to Tor!” it said in a statement.

The NGO published instructions in Russian and English on how affected users can update their browser settings. It also asked for more people to join its cause and make the network more robust by running additional bridges on their hardware.

The biggest non-military threat to Russia is Facebook and Twitter, which are dumping ZOG anal and vaginal propaganda into their country like a big truck.

Anyone who is using Tor in the first place is likely going to be educated and not a woman or the type to be stirred up into a pro-anus riot in the name of the neo-Nazi leader Alexi Navalny.

A year ago, I would be thinking up all kinds of excuses for Russia. Even six months ago, I would have been doing that.

But now…

I’m about six million times less inclined to believe the Russian government is acting in good faith.

I still don’t think that Russia is somehow secretly controlled by the Jews, and I think people who say that are generally either very low information, or schizophrenic.

But, if we are going to take this as a good faith action, then it is possible that Russia, with this war building up, is about to block everything coming into the country from ZOG, and that Tor was just first on the list, as it is the furthest thing out there.

For those who don’t know, aside from child porn, drug dealing, assassinations, terrorism, and racist and anti-vax content, Tor is used to spread anal propaganda in China. The New York Times has a Tor site so that the Chinese can read about how they need to really start doing hardcore man-on-man anal like maniacs.

Tor was actually invented by the US government for the purpose of bypassing Chinese internet regulations.

Also, people should understand that it can’t actually be “banned” in the sense that you can’t use it. They can just make it illegal for you to use it, and try to block downloads of the software. If you can install it, blocking the actual traffic itself is pretty much impossible. They could probably make it run really slow, but finding and blocking nodes one by one would be really onerous, which is why China has never even tried.

Of course, China understands that a few high agency actors accessing American anal propaganda is a negligible problem, and 99.9999% of the problem is social media and news websites dumping anal and vaginal revolutionary propaganda on peasants.