Russia Announces Retaliation for US Government Crackdown on RT Journalists

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2017

The Department of Justice recently ordered a crackdown on RT. The news network is being forced – under threat of imprisonment and confiscation of their assets – to  register as “foreign agents” AKA spies.

Russia Today has no consistent ideological line, it just shows Americans what is actually going on in America (unlike the MSM) from a variety of political slants. It has had all types of figures with diverse points of view on its station, ranging from Richard Spencer to Julian Assange, libertarian Ron Paul and principled (he makes meaningful criticisms of Zionism) Jewish Leftist Max Blumental.

The thing people like about is that they actually talk about issues average folks care about. I have relatives who are regular boomer conservatives and one who is a Democrat that love RT.

The MSM in America can’t compete because they lie, either directly or by omission.

Russia is now announcing that it will respond in kind.

Washington Post:

Russian lawmakers on Tuesday proposed sweeping legislation that could designate nearly all foreign media in the country as “foreign agents,” a move to retaliate for a similar U.S. requirement aimed at Russia’s state-funded RT television station.

The legislation, in the form of legal amendments that lawmakers are expected to approve Wednesday, represents a significant expansion in a tit-for-tat targeting of foreign media following allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Under the new measures, the Russian Ministry of Justice could require any media organizations in the country that receive foreign funding, whether from governments or private individuals, to join a registry, issue special disclaimers on articles and submit financial reports under penalty of fines or a possible ban on operations.

The move comes in response to a U.S. Justice Department requirement that RT, formerly named Russia Today, register as a foreign agent due to its alleged role in interfering in U.S. affairs by pushing the Kremlin’s agenda.

Russian lawmakers and other public officials, including Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, claimed Tuesday that they were forced to respond with stricter regulations of foreign media in Russia.

“It’s not we who started this, but we can’t just swallow this gross violation of democratic norms, international law and freedom of speech, and we have to give a mirrored response,” said Valentina Matviyenko, head of Russia’s upper house of parliament, in remarks carried by the Interfax news service.

Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, speaking Saturday in Danang, Vietnam, promised a “tit-for-tat response” against U.S. media. The version of the bill he saw then “may seem too harsh, but it’s natural,” he said.

The Russian law may affect considerably more outlets than the U.S. FARA legislation, which requires registration by specific foreign nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and other agencies receiving government funding. Russia’s amendments to its own NGO “foreign agent” laws would allow the Justice Ministry to include any media outlet receiving funding from abroad, regardless of whether that source is private or public.

It is not yet clear which outlets the law will affect. Russian lawmakers have publicly named the U.S. state-funded Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, the German state-funded Deutsche Welle and the privately owned television network CNN as possible targets. State-media journalists have mentioned other news organizations, including The Washington Post and the New York Times, in connection with the law.

Until now, the US government has been reluctant to take such extreme measures against RT.

They feared that Russia would retaliate by forcing all the American, German and British media trying to promote gay pedophilia, rap music, feminism and Soros color revolution in Russia to register as foreign agents as well. Now they’re doing it.

After 30 years of Sex in The City and Coca Cola, most Russians realize that America was a Potemkin village all along: a Jew-run Disneyland that is all neon lights and no substance. They lived through the Jewish oligarch anarchy of Boris Yeltsin and now see our dying evil empire. The old tricks (Hollywood, consumerism, porn, globalism, cosmopolitanism, etc) that worked in the 80s are obsolete.

The reason America is now on the propaganda defensive is simple: life for the average (especially white) American sucks. It’s a society where people are alienated, struggling to pay the bills, immersed in crassness and paranoid about one another. Most of the world also doesn’t want America’s tranny and Pornhub traveling poz circus either (our ZOG’s lovely cultural exports).

We have no say in our government, we have dwindling economic prospects, our society is pure depravity, and we have Jews ethnically cleansing us to boot!

During the Cold War, the “American” (((elite))) was more careful about how they treated the working and middle classes because they feared any fissure could be exploited by the USSR. When the Soviet Union fell and the world power dynamic became unipolar, they started the process of creating the tyrannical, poor and brown neo-liberal hell they wanted from the beginning.

We’re being immolated by it. So are the countries we occupy (Germany, even Japan to an extent). Why would anyone want to be part of that?

They really thought they had reached the end of history, and never expected the regeneration of Russian power. The RT shut down is a sign that our state and ruling institutions are genuinely afraid of the people they oppress.