Russia and EU Expel Each Other’s Diplomats as the New Cold War Freezes Over!

We’re all hoping Russia has a plan here.

They knew when they let Alexi Navalny back in the country, that this would trigger a series of events that would lead to being ultimately totally cut off from the West, in a total Cold War situation. So surely, they must have some kind of plan.

The Guardian:

Germany, Poland and Sweden have each expelled a Russian diplomat in a coordinated act of retaliation over the expulsion of three EU officials by Moscow while the bloc’s foreign policy chief was visiting last week.

The tit-for-tat expulsions on Monday underscored the volatility in east-west relations and an erosion of trust among former cold war foes, as the west accuses Moscow of trying to destabilise it and the Kremlin rejects what it sees as foreign interference.

The EU executive defended Josep Borrell over his trip to Russia where he said he had learned of the initial expulsions via social media while speaking with the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, on Friday.

The Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, said on Monday the removal of diplomats from Germany, Poland and Sweden, who were accused by Moscow of taking part in protests last month against the imprisonment of the Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, took place a day before Borrell’s trip.

Germany’s foreign office, in a statement regarding its ejection of a Russian diplomat, said the German official booted out by Moscow was only “carrying out his task of reporting on developments on the spot in a legal fashion”.

Poland’s foreign ministry said it ordered a member of Russia’s consulate in the city of Poznan to leave “in accordance with the principle of reciprocity and in coordination with Germany and Sweden”.

The Swedish foreign minister, Ann Linde, said Stockholm’s action was a “clear response to the unacceptable decision to expel a Swedish diplomat who was only performing his duties”.

Imagine claiming that protesting to overthrow the government is the job of someone who works at an embassy.

But hey – it’s not any weirder than anything else that’s happening! After all, nothing is weirder than a child tranny!

We’ve been on the fast train to Crazy Town for years now, so saying “that’s outrageous!” has actually become pointless and redundant. If it wasn’t outrageous, it wouldn’t have happened in current year.

But yes, traditionally, by pre-2015 norms, embassy staff showing up to a protest to overthrow the government would be considered total grounds for expulsion, and would probably be considered an act of war. Imagine if the staff of the Russian Embassy had shown up at the Capitol Storm to provide support for protesters. You know how the media/government would react. I mean. Come on.

But yeah.


Who the hell even knows anymore.

Did you know Alexi Navalny is a neo-Nazi?

They obviously don’t mention this often in the media for what I assume are obvious reasons. But some more edjumakatid people who have been following internal Russian politics are aware of the fact that he’s what is called a racist/neo-Nazi/white supremacist/etc. People who are in a place where they are educated enough to know that Navalny is a hardcore racist, but not high enough on the ladder to see how this fits into the larger scheme of things, are going to need some kind of explanation.

First off, when he’s the hero overthrowing the evil Vladimir Putin government in the name of the white race, “neo-Nazi” becomes “ethnonationalist.”

Recently, NPR did a segment on it, where Jewish host Scott Simon spoke to Julia Davis, who is – get this –  a “Russian media and disinformation expert”:

SIMON: We have become familiar with the image of Alexei Navalny in recent days – charismatic, brave. But tell us where he has come from politically because there’s a time he was very popular with Russia’s ethnonationalists.

DAVIS: He still has nationalist leanings. And no one could say that he is in perfect alignment with all of the Western values. But there again, that’s not what he aims to represent. What he mainly represents is the possibility that the Russians might be the ones to decide who gets to lead Russia.

SIMON: Well, tell us a little bit more about his track record and if he’s revised it in recent years – things he’s said about Chechnya and Crimea, for example.

DAVIS: He supported the annexation of Crimea, unfortunately. And he also does have some nationalist leanings. He is evolving in many respects. And one of the things that’s so unique about him is that he refuses to fear Putin.

SIMON: How are some of the supporters in what’s become a pro-Navalny coalition? How comfortable are they with some of what Alexei Navalny represents in his nationalist views?

DAVIS: I have seen some of them have a problem with it. Unfortunately, nationalist and racist rhetoric is very commonplace in Russia, so that hasn’t been something that really stood in his way. And it’s not dissimilar from a lot of issues that we’re seeing with Trump supporters in the United States – the fear of immigrants and the fear of other people that are coming and supposedly taking our jobs. So it’s similar in that way.

Yes, so this disinformation expert (she is some kind of Moslima from the Ukraine) admits that the entire image of Navalny fighting for democracy is actually a total hoax, and he’s basically just like Donald Trump.

Interesting, interesting.

You’re almost left wondering if the decision to not mention this in the media, and instead portray Navalny as a “democracy fighter,” is some kind of “Jewish disinformation campaign.”

Of course, we at the top level understand what is going on here: neo-Nazism is an easy way to cause chaos in Slavic countries. I’m sure some Russian neo-Nazis are good people – and in fact, I’ve known some – but they are not totally smart. So just like Christians in China, they are used by Western intelligence for dirty means and dirty ends.

It’s easy to get a large mob of aggressive neo-Nazis together to scream about the fact that there are Moslems in Russia, and to blame Putin for it. In fact, Putin has simply done what he could to maintain what was left of the Russian Empire, which always had Moslems. The difference is that Moslems weren’t allowed to freely travel during the traditional Russian period, and the only ones who would show up in Moscow were the elite of the Moslem areas who would be well behaved and not trying to steal anyone’s job.

Putin did what he needed to do to keep all of the Stans from breaking off and becoming puppets of America. In Russia, there aren’t very many Moslems, but of course the ones that are there are horrible. It is a legitimate complaint. However, the solution is not to break “Greater Russia” apart, because then it just becomes dominated by Western intelligence agencies.

The plan was to break up Russia completely after the fall of the Soviet Union, and Vladimir Putin singlehandedly prevented the whole thing from coming unglued.

Here’s the fact: “A pure white Russia free of Western influence” was never an option on the table. It won’t be on the table unless the Western alliance of NATO countries collapses.

Total female liberation, total gay anal everywhere, unlimited immigration – all of that is worse than having a few Kazakhs sweeping streets or Uzbeks running 24-hour cigarette and liquor stores on the corner. Putin has said he wants to defend whites and Christianity, and in the future, it is obviously possible that an internal passport system could be implemented to keep all but the richest of the Moslem former-USSR out of Moscow. That is something you can still talk about openly in Russia. But it can’t happen while the CIA is trying to overthrow the Russian government.

And that is why the State Department, the Jewish media and the entire EU support neo-Nazis.

This Russian situation is an exact repeat of the Ukrainian Maidan: you have Jews, neo-Nazis, women and homosexuals all on board with overthrowing the government.

I hope that some of you English speaking neo-Nazis reading this will hear me out: the grass is not greener over here. Please watch the above video of that little boy dressed up like a girl, on hard drugs, with a gay man in his thirties, and understand that the government is literally promoting this to children in our schools.

Weigh that against the annoyance of seeing some Chechen shuffling around at the train station. Get out the scale, and weigh the two things. Then, understand that Vladimir Putin is the only thing standing between you and the mouth of hell. And be grateful.


Dear Russia: you’d better switch off the internet.

There’s no other way this works.

As long as Western intelligence can use Facebook and Twitter to organize the opposition, while censoring your people who try to counter them, you are going to lose the battle for hearts and minds.

This is a fact.

Please, someone tell Putin this. He gave that speech, but Facebook and Twitter are still accessible with a Russian IP.

You should ban them anyway for the censorship itself. It is against freedom of expression to allow them to dominate the conversation, and decide who gets a voice and who doesn’t.