Russia and China Announce Historic Trade Partnership (Still Not Announcing NATO-Style Suicide Pact)

This is good.


Despite personal relations and logistics being disrupted by Covid-19, Russia and China’s joint commercial turnover in 2021 exceeded pre-pandemic levels and has broken records, Moscow’s trade representative to Beijing has revealed.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, published on Monday, the, Aleksey Dakhnovsky, said that according to Chinese statistics, the volume of mutual trade had already surpassed $130 billion in the first 11 months of last year, predicting the total will likely be more than $140 billon.

According to Dakhnovsky, this happened due to the rise in prices for energy and nonferrous metals, as well as growth in coal shipments to its eastern neighbor.

He noted that the previous all-time high was achieved in 2019, with bilateral trade turnover coming close to $111 billion.

“We hope that in 2022, if the pandemic subsides, we will reach a new record. If current trends persist, we should reach the target level of $200 billion set by the leaders of our two countries by 2024,” Dakhnovsky said.

But all these people ever think about is economics.

I understand why, because it is sort of the basis of everything.

But what Russia and China need is a NATO style suicide pact to defend each other. Then they need to expand that to everywhere in their sphere of influence.

The need for this should have been obvious by at least like, 1997. I mean, at some point, someone had to have read all of these books that were being published about creating a one world global government from the “unipolar” order they claimed to have created by collapsing the USSR.

The NATO style suicide pact could have been linked to the economic stuff, in the same way NATO itself is.

They should really have just copied the whole thing. Instead, it looks like these people didn’t read any of the books that were published, or any of the think-tank white papers, and thought we were moving into some kind of peaceful global community of independent nation-states.

Or, I don’t know – I don’t know what they were thinking.

But I know it’s not too late to create a suicide pact where China defends Ukraine and Russia defends Taiwan, and you have constant military drills everywhere.

One thing that needs to be remembered clearly is that the people running the West are a gaggle of cowardly perverts, which is why they haven’t started wars with Russia or China yet. They are all personally afraid of what will happen to them in the case things don’t work out the way they’ve planned, and I’m sure after seeing what happened in Afghanistan, even though no one was fired, they are a bit more skeptical of the military men telling them they can take Moscow and Beijing in six weeks.