Russia Accused of Paying Europeans to be Anti-Vaxx (What?)

Putin is hacking the mainframe to save the Aryan race from the deadly vaxx! BASED friendship!

Russia loves the white race and is trying to save them from the deadly vaxx?

Or is this just a total hoax?

Daily Mail:

European influencers have been offered thousands of euros by a fake London ad agency with apparent ties to Russia to spread lies about the dangers posed by the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

Fazze last week contacted French health and science bloggers and asked them – in poor English – to ‘explain… the death rate among the vaccinated with Pfizer is almost 3x higher than the vaccinated by AstraZeneca’.

The influencers were told to publish links on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok to articles about a leaked report containing data that supposedly shows how the Covid vaccine is causing hundreds of deaths.


You see how even the Daily Mail, supposedly right-wing, shills the deadly vaxx?

One of the articles, published in Le Monde in January, is about data stolen by Russian hackers from the European Medicines Agency and later published on the Dark Web. It contains no information on death rates.

The pages on the other two sites – Reddit and the Ethical Hacker – have been deleted.

Fazze claimed to be based at Percy Street, but is not registered on Companies House and on Tuesday closed its website and made its Instagram private.

Its management come from Moscow and have worked for an agency founded by a Russian entrepreneur, according to LinkedIn.

The bizarre case is likely to raise fears of Russian and Chinese ‘state-sponsored disinformation’, after an EU study accused the regimes of sowing mistrust in Western vaccines by making ‘unfounded links between shots and deaths in Europe’ and promoting their jabs as superior.

Screenshots of emails posted to Twitter by French YouTuber Leo Grasset show that the influencers were asked to tell their subscribers that ‘the mainstream media ignores this theme’.

They were also briefed to question: ‘Why some governments actively purchasing Pfizer vaccine, which is dangerous to the health of the people?’

Fazze also asked them to ‘act like you have the passion and interest in this topic’, and to avoid using the words ‘advertising’ or ‘sponsored’ in posts because ‘the material should be presented as your own independent view’.

Mirko Drotschman, a German podcaster with 1.5 million subscribers, also posted a screenshot of an email asking him to take part in an ‘information campaign’ about ‘a significant number of deaths’ after the Pfizer jab.

Grasset was among those contacted. He said Tuesday that he was offered a potentially lucrative but also hush-hush deal to make bogus claims that Pfizer’s vaccine poses a deadly risk and that regulators and mainstream media are covering up the supposed dangers.

Grasset, who has 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube, says he refused. Other France-based influencers with sizable audiences on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms also said they were contacted with similar offers of payment for posts.

The person who contacted Grasset identified himself as Anton and said his agency has a ‘quite considerable’ budget for what he described as an ‘information campaign’ about ‘COVID-19 and the vaccines offered to the European population, notably AstraZeneca and Pfizer.’

Specifically, Anton asked for a 45- to 60-second video on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube to say that ‘the mortality rate of the Pfizer vaccine is 3x greater than the AstraZeneca’ and querying why the European Union is buying it.

‘This is a monopoly and is causing harm to public health,’ Anton claimed of EU’s purchases.

He refused in a follow-up email to divulge who is financing the disinformation campaign, saying: ‘The client prefers to remain incognito.’

Grasset shared the email exchanges with The Associated Press. The smear effort drew a withering response from French Health Minister Olivier Veran.

It looks like enough people independently verified this to conclude that the emails were sent out.

It seems likely that the Russians were not actually behind it, however, and that the emails were sent by someone from a Western intelligence agency pretending to be Russian.

I would love to believe that the Russians are trying to save Europeans from the deadly vaxx, but that just doesn’t seem very likely. It is a lot more likely that Western intelligence agencies want to do what they’re already doing: smear anti-vaxxers as Russian agents.

We ultimately found that the claim that Russia engaged in an online operation to support Donald Trump was 100% fabricated. I don’t think Russia does online operations in secret. Their public operations – RT and Sputnik – have been very successful, so I just don’t see a reason for clumsy stuff like trying to convince YouTubers to shill against the vaxx.

Furthermore: Russians know that these vaccines are deadly. So why would they interrupt the West while they are poisoning their own population? Unless they really do just want to rescue fellow white Aryans from the deadly vaxx, it would be in Russia’s interest to not interrupt the West as it poisons its own population with a deadly vaxx.

Personally, I think it’s a good thing that hundreds of millions will be wiped out by the deadly vaxx.

Let them choke on it.