Russia 40K: Police Arrest Jehovah’s Witness, Plan Nationwide Heresy Hunt

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2019

That’s a normal face to make.

Don’t let anyone tell you that this man doesn’t look absolutely insane or possessed by an interdimensional pedo demon.

Jehovah’s Witnesses and all these other kooky Jesus-freak cults are infested with CIA agents and used to undermine nations opposed to the Jewish system by weakening their social order. This is the same situation with Falun Gong in China. It is known.

The Guardian:

A Russian court has found a Danish Jehovah’s Witness guilty of organising a banned extremist group and jailed him for six years in a case raising fears of a return to Soviet-era religious persecution.

Armed police detained Dennis Christensen, a 46-year-old builder, in May 2017 at a prayer meeting in Oryol, about 200 miles (320km) south of Moscow following the banning of the local Jehovah’s Witnesses by a court a year earlier.

Russia’s supreme court later ruled the group was “extremist” and ordered it to disband nationwide. Christensen’s detention, Russia’s first extremism-related arrest of a Jehovah’s Witness, foreshadowed dozens more.

The court, in the city of Oryol, found Christensen guilty on Wednesday after a long trial, his lawyer, his wife and a representative for the Jehovah’s Witnesses told Reuters.

Christensen had pleaded innocent, saying he was exercising freedom of religion guaranteed in Russia’s constitution.

The Danish foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen, called on Moscow to respect religious freedom and criticised it for classifying Jehovah’s Witnesses on a par with terrorist groups.

The US-headquartered Jehovah’s Witnesses have been under pressure for years in Russia, where the dominant Orthodox church is championed by the president, Vladimir Putin. Orthodox scholars have cast them as a dangerous foreign sect that erodes state institutions and traditional values, allegations they reject. 

There can be only one faith in Russia.

The Imperial Orthodox Truth. 

And the Cult of Righteous Hot Lead. 

These “Christian” cults should be forcibly kept the fuck away from Russia. For one, because too many Slavs are hopelessly naive and spiritually open-minded to be allowed to have contact with them. They get suckered in too easily. It’s fine to have these cults in Scandinavia because no Scandinavian actually retains the capacity to believe in God anymore. Don’t get me wrong, they will go to the meetings, do the mandatory volunteer work and give their money to the cult, but they’ll never actually believe in God, so it’s harder for these scam artists.

Furthermore, it is clear that Slavs and Scandinavians do not believe in the same God and therefore there can’t be any genuine religious interchange. I feel authorized to speak on this topic because as synchronicity would have it, I just finished watching The Seventh Seal which is a big deal Swedish film that talks about God and Death.

The premise of the film was about a knight having a chess match with death, which intrigued me.

But even though it was made in 1957, basically everyone in the film is an atheist and a shitlib.

The knight and his squire are the only two interesting characters, and they spend the film waxing poetically about how they don’t believe in God. The knight wishes that he did and that God would speak to him to assuage his doubts. In contrast, the squire adopts a more devil-may-care attitude, but secretly seethes all the same. Oh, and there’s plenty of scenes dedicated to the Crusades being evil, to the horrors of Priest-led witch burnings, the phenomenon of self-flagellation and the Bubonic Plague.

Basically, the whole film was just typical shitlib dreck about Christianity and thinly veiled atheist demoralization porn. It is also undeniable that the film represents the average Scandinavian’s view on matters of spirituality as well.

The very fact that the knight thinks that he can out-logik and out-debate and out-play Death in a chess match speaks volumes to the hubris of the character.

Whining that God doesn’t speak to them and that their rational mind can’t grasp that seems to be what passes for spirituality with these people. And the film captures this with the knight’s try-hard and ultimately shallow monologue, which can be summarized as follows:

“God, can’t you see how I suffer and struggle because you don’t speak to me? Now I’m going to be an atheist and tragically die because I’m a self-infatuated little narcissist!”

Which is why I don’t believe that the kooky-eyed Jehovah freak that got arrested actually even believed in God.

Like, I think he believed in his cult and in his CIA mission, sure, but on a deeper level, it’s clear that Russians and Scandinavians simply can’t believe in the same God because Scandinavians are only capable of worshipping their own over-inflated sense of reasonableness and rationality while the Slavic expression of faith is about worshipping the awesome power of God and focused on showing humility in the face of his unknowable plan.

Furthermore, most Scandinavians have a vicious hate-boner for Russians and Slavs in general, who they view as being an inferior race. This goes for both liberals and nationalists, mind you. On that issue, they’re both on the same page.

That’s why I can’t, in a thousand years, believe that this man went to Murmansk to work for the betterment of Russians.

He was probably running a scam on these people.

And frankly, even if he wasn’t running a scam, all of these Evangelist cults need to be banned anyway. They don’t belong where there is already an existing faith. Plus their teachings of pacifism and loyalty to the cult, as opposed to the project of the State, is heretical and ought to be severely punished by any serious country

INB4 Moslems.

Yeah, Russia should do something about them too.