Russia: 10 Months of Prison for Couple Who Did Oral Sex Video in Front of St. Basil’s Cathedral

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Well, I’m happy about this.

I would have preferred if they were both executed, but at least there is some kind of punishment for Moslems and their grimy white whores insulting Our Jesus.


A Moscow court has sentenced a Tajik man and his Russian girlfriend to 10 months behind bars after a raunchy photoshoot in front of the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral. They were found guilty of insulting the feelings of believers.

Last month, Ruslan Bobiev (whose real name is Ruslani Murojonzod) and Asya Akimova (Anastasia Chistova) published photos on social media taken by the iconic Red Square cathedral. The most controversial snap saw Akimova on her knees, simulating oral sex while wearing a police jacket.

We have no proof it was “simulated.”

There’s no reason the guy wouldn’t pull his dick out.

The two were later detained, accused of breaking a law that seeks to punish those who commit actions “with the purpose of insulting the religious feelings of believers.” The 10-month sentence is precisely the length requested by the prosecutor.

Bobiev and Akimova are the first to receive time behind bars under this law, with all those previously convicted being given a fine or suspended sentence.

It’s called “blasphemy” and the term should be “blasphemy.” The literal translation of the English is “богохульство”; both words come from the Greek “βλασφημία.”

But okay – we can use some politically correct gibberish about “insulting feelings.” (That is sort of not the definition of “blasphemy,” which is literally “insulting God.” Plus, it could apply to Jews, Moslems or Scientologists. But any law defending the Church is better than no law.)

I have to note: this is not just an attack on Christianity explicitly, but also a racial humiliation ritual.

Moslems will always be able to find white whores willing to get sucked up into their schemes – even ugly manlet Moslems can get tall attractive young white women. That is because white women are total gutter garbage, fixated on destroying white men to get revenge on their fathers.

Women believe that it is their father’s responsibility to make their lives happy, and if their lives do not turn out happy, it is their father’s fault. It’s satanic, the inability of women to believe in God, and the transference of the belief in God to their fathers.

While I’m glad to see negative enforcement of anti-social behavior, what Russia should be doing is positive enforcement of pro-social behavior – i.e., organizing state-backed Christian youth groups.

I have no idea why Russia, Belarus, etc. do not have Christian Youth Brigades. You can simply use the school system for this, and teach children about their duties to God and country. At least 60% of boys (and possibly an even higher percentage of girls, if you teach them that they’re filthy whores if they don’t behave pro-socially) will carry this training through life – and that 60% will ensure that the other 40% don’t do things like give Moslems blowjobs in front of a church without facing some, you know – pushback.

By not building their own youth groups, Russia has given over their youth to America, which controls them through the internet.