Rudy Giuliani Gives Brilliant and Powerful News Conference – Media Focuses on His Sweat

The Rudy Giuliani press conference Thursday afternoon was brilliant and inspiring, and everyone should watch it.

Rudy declared war on the entire system, and effectively said that there is no situation in which Donald Trump peacefully surrenders to usurper Joe Biden. As we all know, Joe Biden lost the 2020 election by a lot, and the media has simply declared, without evidence, that he is the president.

Six million Trump votes were gassed in homicidal electronic voting machines.

Rudy’s press conference was held in the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington DC, and it went very well.

It was totally full of energy, and it reminded us that we are still in the fight and this is not over until it’s over.

The melting hair dye was obviously a BIT to get people interested in looking at THE FACTS!

Even if Giuliani is quirky – who cares? He’s loyal to our President, he is confident, and he’s fighting at 1000%!

The media is focusing purely on the fact that Rudy got a bit sweaty, showing unflattering photos of him, while also falsely claiming that he was lying.

The worst thing of the year happened after the press conference, when Tucker Carlson suggested that Trump’s team does not have evidence of voter fraud.

We have mountains of evidence. The entire election is evidence. Simply taking a step back and trying to imagine that they are claiming that Joe Biden is literally the most popular person who ever lived is plenty of evidence. They’re claiming 85% and 90% turnouts in some of these districts. They literally shut down the count at 4 a.m. for no reason, and people were wheeling in bags and boxes of ballots! We saw all of this!

That’s without mentioning everything else we have – all of these hundreds of sworn affidavits, the USPS whistleblowers, the videos of people committing fraud inside the ballot counting offices! Most importantly: THE DOMINION VOTING MACHINES! WE KNOW THIS HAPPENED! THE MACHINES HAVE SOFTWARE TO FLIP VOTES! THIS IS A FACT!

Why did they block observers? What reason would you have to do that, other than fraud?

Even if there wasn’t any evidence, however – why would you say that?

Does Tucker want Biden to win?

This is a war. If we don’t win this, then everything we care about is going to be destroyed.

Unless Trump loses and we break up the country.

But Tucker is going out there and saying he’s going to “unite the country”?

How the hell are you going to “unite” with black communists and women who are injecting their sons with estrogen and cutting their dicks off? We don’t need stupid fantasies, we need right-wing UNITY and we need ACTION!

What the hell is Tucker doing?

Is he on drugs?