Rudy Giuliani Appears on Tucker Carlson After Raid

I heard that Rudy Giuliani was on Tucker Carlson.

This is the first time Rudy has appeared on TV since his home was raided by the feds and all of his computers were seized.

So I went to YouTube and typed “Tucker Carlson.”

More than the first 15 results were anti-Tucker videos.

That is something truly shocking, and perhaps indeed deeply shocking. I think a human being organized those search results. I think that’s the only way they could prevent anything from Tucker himself, or anything that spoke of Tucker positively, from appearing in the results.

To be clear: I don’t think they literally choose the videos one at a time, but what they’ve done is created a list of channels – CNN, The View and the comedy shows – that are allowed to appear in searches for “Tucker Carlson.” (You can see the algorithm trying its best to do its job by suggesting the Fox News channel.) That’s really and truly an amazing thing to see.

Almost as amazing as an early morning raid on one of the country’s most famous and beloved political figures.

I had to jump through hoops to find this, but for the time being, Tucker Carlson can still be found on YouTube.

Giuliani said the warrant was illegal. It seems to have been illegal.

He said the only thing on the warrant was a single violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. As I explained last time, this is not really a serious law – people who get convicted of doing this are issued fines, and sometimes short suspended jail sentences. Wikipedia has a “prominent cases” section on FARA, and usually they just tell people to register.

He also explained that they refused to take Hunter Biden’s hard drives, which he had (either in his home or office). This actually violated the warrant, he explained, which was to seize all electronics. He also said that the only way they knew the drives were Hunter’s is that he told them, and that if he had had something he didn’t want seized, he could have just said it was Hunter Biden’s and they wouldn’t have taken it.

Kinda weird. 

He explained that he is not guilty of the FARA violation, and that he has no idea what he’s actually being investigated for. He said that it’s been two years since all of this information on these drives was seized from his iCloud, and that they’ve continued to refuse to tell him what he’s accused of.

Tucker asked him if he expected them to go through his entire life as recorded on his computers and find something to charge him with, and he didn’t answer the question. It wasn’t clear to me if he was evading the question, or just didn’t understand it.

Tucker said: “so unless you’ve been at mass for the last five years, they’re going to find something to charge you with.”

He’s basically saying this is part of a fishing expedition.

Honestly, I don’t really think that’s what it is. Rudy is a boomer who admits to storing all of his documents on the iCloud. I think if they had anything that he was doing illegal, they would have instead set him up, like that sickening Jew Sacha Baron Cohen set him up in that sex sting.

He pulled out his dick right on camera. He’s not a hard guy to set up.

I mean, okay, he wasn’t breaking any laws by pulling his dick out with some obviously above-age girl, but it seems like he probably should have thought something smelled a bit fishy there.

This is to say: I don’t think it’s a fishing expedition, I think it’s a fear tactic. Right now, we are seeing the government adjusting itself to a system of total tyranny. They are making these big, bold gestures in order to demonstrate to the public that this is now a communist style system, where prominent people get hit with early morning raids and the government is not required to explain why.

He probably will get charged with something more. They are probably going to try to get him to testify against Trump. Or, they’ll just put him in prison.

I know this is really weird and surreal to be watching this, guys, but you need to understand: this is really serious. There is not any going back from this. This can only keep getting worse and worse, until at some point the government collapses.

Nick Fuentes has been put on the no-fly list.

They are holding dozens of people in a special political prison on charges of trespassing, and they’re being tortured.

This is a total communist type situation.

It’s going to affect your life.