r/the_Donald Subreddit is Now a Republican Think Tank

Daily Stormer
July 29, 2017

All legislation should now be drafted by r/the_Donald, tbh.

It seems that r/the_Donald is going to be the first of our institutions to rise to official prominence. Not surprising, considering that it’s the most normie-friendly.

But the future isn’t far off when /pol/will simply replace congress as a whole, and the Daily Stormer will be the official state media.

Then CNN and the New York Times will be relegated to obscure websites frequented only by perverts and conspiracy theorists, while the SPLC, the ADL and the Senate will be declared terrorist organizations and outlawed.

This is the first step in that process.


This past wednesday, a group of Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee presented an amendment calling for an investigation into alleged misconduct on the parts of Hillary Clinton and James Comey. It was a way to frustrate Democrats, but, more than that, it provided an opportunity to publicly discuss their very favorite thing: the many bygone misdeeds of Crooked Hillary. The amendment may sound to some readers like it’s been ripped out of a conspiracy forum, because that’s exactly what happened.

“Conspiracy” forum?

Wow, this is an old meme. Why not call r/the_Donald “Forteans” while we’re at it?

I didn’t know the media was still running with the old “conspiracy theorist” meme, where everyone saying things they don’t like is a kooky tinfoil hat wearing lunatic.

I thought the “fake news” meme was meant to replace that.

I guess we kind of took that one away from them though. So maybe they’re trying to go back to accusing us of being conspiracy theorists? What a dumb meme.

As far as I know, r/the_Donald doesn’t talk about aliens or the Illuminati. So this whole think rings hollow.

Sponsored by first-term Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Florida), the amendment itself sought to hijack what began as a resolution from Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington) asking for information about Comey’s firing. In response to Jayapal’s proposal, Gaetz and a few fellow Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee effectively replaced the Democrats’ resolution with one of their own. The new amendment (which you can read in its entirety here) asks for an investigation into things like “the propriety and consequence of immunity deals given to possible Hillary Clinton co-conspirators” and “James B. Comey’s refusal to investigate then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding” a number of matters, including many of which may have come directly from r/The_Donald.

Thursday night, three Twitter users discovered that a staffer for one of the resolution’s sponsors attempted to crowdsource a number of the resolution’s salient points from r/The_Donald, a subreddit notorious for playing host to unfounded conspiracy theories and anti-Islam tendencies. In other words, not a conventional source of legislative inspiration.

They should have just called us instead. Our political consulting services are top notch, and forego references to “BASED Black Trump supporters.”

“If the purpose of oversight investigations is to get to the truth,” one longtime legislative staffer explained, “then using baseless conspiracies as your starting point is completely counterproductive to a direct investigation.”

“Baseless conspiracies.”


Russian hacking, anyone?

Baseless? Don’t you know this conspiracy theory has mountains of evidence behind it? I-I just forgot it at home…

Basically, the only way they can try to muster outrage over this is by painting r/the_Donald as something other than just a very popular right-wing discussion board.

The only examples of “unfounded conspiracy theories” discussed on the board that WIRED is able to muster are the Seth Rich murder story (which actually got air on mainstream media) and Pizzagate. Both of these, while not 100% certain, are certainly not “unfounded.” They’re both founded on a mountain of evidence – unlike the Russian hacking nonsense.

But in any case, this is good news.

We certainly want Republicans to rely on us for rhetorical talking points. Our memes are powerful and effective, and shift the narrative in our direction, unlike the Republican’s typical tepid rhetoric.

First pointer: start accusing everyone who pushes the “Russia” narrative of being a tinfoil conspiracy theorist. Call the whole idea a “fringe, lunatic left conspiracy theory.”

Like it?

There’s plenty more where that came from.