RT Says Jews Should Stop Whining About All the Hate They Create

I saw this headline on RT and was like “okay, I’ll bite”:

What I got was not what I expected.

The article was totally fair. It talked about the vile nature of this new Jewish anti-Christmas movie from Jews Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman. Then it explained that Jews are freaking out and whining about how the YouTube comments section was filled with anti-Semitism.

The comments were turned off on the video.

But the RT writer, Dmitry Pauk, concludes that the Jews are the ones initiating the hatred, and that it is absurd for them to complain about being hated after spewing hatred:

All things considered, it’s hard not to see why many feel this movie is a giant big-budget middle finger to Christmas, Christianity, and white Christians in general. Which is probably why the comments went completely insane before they were eventually turned off.

An unfiltered comments section is usually the internet in its purest form, and that means the good, the bad, and the ugly. But if the topic of discussion is something as insulting as ‘Santa Inc.’, the comments tend to become just as controversial, and right now they seem to be getting as much, if not more, attention as the trailer itself.

The comments section under ‘Santa Inc.’ quickly became flooded with anti-Semite jokes and Holocaust conspiracies. As vile as you would imagine them to be. But while those kinds of comments are just as distasteful as the trailer, perhaps even more, it’s not exactly obvious who was serious in their hate speech and who was simply trolling for the lulz.

But the vile comments inadvertently permitted the media to jump on the issue, labeling everyone in the discussion Nazis and white supremacists, and shift the attention from Santa Inc’s real problem: that it is a tasteless, cringeworthy trailer to a show clearly catering to the progressive agenda. It is now all but insulated from genuine criticism, which will be easily written off as the critics’ personal hate for Rogen and Silverman, who are both Jewish.

In an ideal world, satire should be able to make fun of anything and everything, if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to watch it. However, that only works if there is a level playing field and EVERYTHING is fair game. That, unfortunately, is not the case today. The only jokes allowed in the mainstream today are those targeting white people, Christianity, traditional family structures, and traditional gender roles. All else is deemed hate speech and canceled.

It’s hard to imagine a satirical movie about empowered Arabs ‘reclaiming’ Hanukkah would ever have a chance of seeing a theatrical release. So it’s no surprise an insulting movie targeting the traditional Christian holiday and Christian Saint Nicholas was met with equally distasteful comments. At the end of the day, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

This is the age-old story of the Jews: they go out and attack and try to destroy Christian civilization, then when they get any kind of pushback, they cry like babies and claim that they are the victims of an anti-Semitic conspiracy.

This same thing has literally happened, exactly like this, for thousands of years.

In a stronger America, this Santa film alone would be enough reason to expel the entirety of Jewry from our home.

People do hate the Jews. I hate the Jews. But the reason I and so many others hate the Jews is because of their behavior. Period.

They killed Jesus and they’ve been trying to wipe out His followers ever since. This anti-Christ feminist Santa film is just the latest assault on Christianity, and on white people – groups which used to have a 100% overlap, before the Jews convinced so many of our brothers to abandon their ancient faith in pursuit of whatever kind of sexual, esoteric, or otherwise material “gain.”

The basic core fact of reality is that the Jews must be punished for their crimes. They cannot be allowed to continue to get away with this forever. They control everything now, from the banking system, to the government, to the super-governmental globalist groups, to virtually all economic instruments, to the entire entertainment complex. So it might be difficult to see how they will ever get their comeuppance.

But God is good and God is just, and these Jews will pay for their crimes.

If you missed it, this is the trailer in question:

Those Jews then, apparently in response to the backlash, released a new ad for the film, where they just aggressively mock the “goyim” as their slaves.

These demonic monsters hate you, and they want you dead or enslaved.

The only way any of us are getting out of this situation is by the grace of God.

The good news is that people already hate the Jews, even if they don’t know they hate the Jews. This is “Santa, Inc.” on Rotten Tomatoes right now:

These Jews are getting too aggressive. They think they’ve got everything wrapped up, and they can just openly display their hatred for us.

But something else is going to happen.

Electric floors.