RT Report on the Intentional Africanization of Europe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2015

RT pushes all sort of liberal crap, then all of the sudden they turn around and do something like this and completely redeem themselves.

They first show that there is no stopping the invasion, that even the “government” of Libya is telling Europe they are going to turn into Africa, then show the various European leaders complaining about the invasion (including Oraban straight gangsta “we want Europe for Europeans).

They then show that since the attack on Libya, RT has reported what a disaster it would turn out to be.

What they don’t mention – what no one mentions – is that none of these people coming across (or so few as to be irrelevant) are actually from Libya. They are all Black Africans coming to Libya for the purpose of exploiting the chaos in order to catch a boat to Italy.

The UN and EU need to be called out on the fact that they are claiming we have to let these people in because of chaos in Libya, when the only reason these people are in Libya is to exploit that situation for their own material/financial gain by entering Europe.

It is such a massive and obvious hoax, and yet no one will touch it. Not even mainstream right-wing outlets will point out how nutty this narrative is. They aren’t even denying that this is the case – all the reports say “Muhammed, who is from Nigeria, had to escape from Libya and he had nowhere to go but Italy.”

It’s nuts.

But good on RT for at least giving a position slightly different from the BBC.