RT on Russia: “This Country is Really Fucked Up LOL”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2018

RT is supposed to be a Russian propaganda outlet, but every time I go to the site and scroll down to their “Russia” vertical, it looks something like this:

Now, this is mainly news that would not even ever be reported in English if RT didn’t bother to report it.

Why is literally every single story they report on Russia some kind of fucked-up weird thing?

Imagine if America had a propaganda outlet in Russia, and all they did was translate Daily Stormer stories about black people murdering white people. You’d be like “wow, this isn’t really a very good look for America…”

What is going on here? This is just me asking. Why is RT not trying to make Russia look good?

Because I’m sure if you’re just picking random local stories to report on, you could find just as many good ones as they find bad ones. They appear to be literally hunting for stories that make Russia look bad.

This can only be due to incompetence. Even if they are like, infiltrated by anti-Russian agents, the fact that they are not catching that by checking their own headlines can also only be due to incompetence.

So, where I’m going with this is – how did people who can’t run a propaganda website that isn’t presenting their own country as vodka-fueled dystopian nightmare of cannibalism, gang-rape and nautical/aerial disasters run the sophisticated election hacking operations they’re being accused of?