RT Officially Notices Daily Stormer, Acknowledges Our Ground-Breaking PewDiePie Reporting

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2019

Sometimes, it feels like you’re toiling in obscurity. Your efforts and investigative meme-reporting going by unnoticed and unappreciated.

But then, everything changes. Senpai notices you and finally acknowledges your work.

All of a sudden, you know that it was all worth it and that RT-senpai hates the Jews as much as you do.

But yeah, RT decided to write an article about the persecution of PewDiePie and his White Nationalist 9-year-old army, cross-referencing the Daily Stormer’s first class investigative work on the topic.


The liberal establishment would love nothing more than to “cancel” YouTube’s most popular personality for being a closet Nazi, but PewDiePie presents a moving target – and they have every right to fear him.

The latest video PewDiePie, the alias of 29-year-old UK-based Swede Felix Kjellberg, delivered to his 95 million subscribers provides an excellent illustration of why critics find him so hard to pin down.

The three-minute missive addresses his responsibility for the Christchurch shootings earlier this month, during which the shooter’s last recorded words before unloading his weapons were “Remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie.” 

He’s referencing this recent video where PewDiePie gives a fake disavowment of White Nationalism and urges his followers to drop the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” meme.

Of course, everyone knows that PewDiePie was the one who told Brenton Tarrant to kill those Bangladeshi Moslems because they were T-Series subscribers and PewDiePie was losing the sub count war at the time. PewDiePie calculated that if he couldn’t get his own numbers up, he would simply knock T-Series’ numbers down a peg by rubbing out their subscribers IRL.

PewDiePie sent a clear message to the world and it was: “Subscribe to PewDiePie… or else.”

While I personally think that this was excessive on his part and I certainly wouldn’t have ordered the killing of all those T-Series subscribers, I’m not the world’s top vlogger and this is because I don’t have Felix’s “subscribe or die” killer attitude and approach to promoting channel growth.

For some reason though, liberals are mad that PewDiePie is radicalizing his followers and getting them to kill in his name.

RT is picking up on this flak that Felix has been getting.

One would assume that by the time a real fascist would have amassed that many followers, they would have set their sights… bigger. Not to mention that there hasn’t been a single dictator in power whose adopted name is a testament to his love of shooter games and baked goods.

But to the authors of hundreds of articles written about him over the past two years, all this is a front.

A roll of PewDiePie’s crimes is endlessly republished and added to: he blurted out the “n-word,” he paid some poor Indian men $5 to hold up a sign reading “Death to all Jews,” dressed up as a Nazi, listened enraptured to a speech by the Fuhrer, recommended a series of anti-Semitic blogs, and recently recorded a “diss track” featuring a panoply of cultural insults directed at Indians “from Bombay to Bangladesh” (yes, he knows).

His critics say that framing these as jokes gives Kjellberg plausible deniability while “normalizing” far-right discourse, especially among the more genuinely extreme members of his audience – hence the oft-cited endorsement of PewDiePie by the Daily Stormer. His charity efforts provide him cover, his heartfelt apologies are always delivered with two fingers crossed behind the back, and he is forever nodding and winking at his audience as he dog-whistles.

Everybody knows that you really can’t understand PewDiePie without reading the Daily Stormer. 

We’re joined at the hip and brother/sister media projects.

Everything that Felix tries to convey in his video format, we formalize and try to expand on in first-class well-written prose that is gracefully interlaced with top shelf memes of the highest caliber.

Furthermore, PewDiePie’s videos are laced with so many esoteric references to Hitler and White Supremacy, as well as dog-whistles that call for the extermination of Jews, that it is difficult for a lay-person to take it all in by just consuming the video content.

This is why the Daily Stormer exists. 

We started writing with a simple mission: to try to interpret and explain the meaning behind Felix’s cryptic videos to the lay folk and divine his true will. Sometimes that involves slaughtering T-Series subscribers to secure the big win for Team PewDiePie.

For the most part though, Daily Stormer only endorses Felix’s calls for peaceful ethnic cleansing of non-subscribers and Jews and disavows any calls for violent extermination.

I only wish that RT would acknowledge the moderating influence and adult tone that Daily Stormer has brought to internet discussions since it’s inception and how many lives we have saved by trying to convince kids to follow a more peaceful route of self-improvement and civic activism as opposed to the more radical “physical unfollowing” methods endorsed by PewDiePie.