RT Interview with Russian UN Envoy on US-Russia Relations

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2017

In an RT interview the Russian envoy to the UN discussed topics including North Korea, Syria and the Ukraine, as well as certain other issues which in one way or another may affect relations between Russia and the US.

On the topic of North Korea specifically, it appears clear that Trump is being pressured by the deep state to raise tensions in that region to harm the US relationship with Russia.

My reasoning for this is that North Korea is a state almost entirely controlled by China(maybe a few domestic policies are left to Kim Jong Un).

Any attack on North Korea is an indirect attack on Chinese interests.

Given Russia’s relationship with China, if China is forced to respond to any situation in North Korea, Russia may also have to respond to support the Chinese.

At risk of being locked in the Stormer dungeon again, I would also like to mention K-Pop is overrated and not worth risking American (or any, except maybe Moslem and/or Jewish) lives over. Hardbass is the true road to salvation.