RT Claims Ecuador About to Surrender Assange to Islamo-Terror State of UK

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2018

Assange is in deep shit. He’s…and I’m struggling to find a proper metaphor for his situation here.

I mean…


I guess you could say that he’s burning the bridge from both ends? That doesn’t sound right…

Let’s just say that the man is pissing literally everyone off.

Liberals hate him because he came out swinging against Hillary on King Jew’s show.

And dropped Hillary’s dox.

And then, I guess establishment conservatives hate him too. Seeing as he’s a free speech absolutist, a nerd and basically a cyberpunk anarchist. And conservatives don’t like that because – and idk if you’ve heard this one before, but I think it’s a clever little vignette – conservatives love to conserve everything worth destroying and fail to conserve anything. I heard it in another language, so the translation is so-so. It might be German, but then again, the Germans are not really known for being pithy and witty, so perhaps it was Italian or Russian or something.


Who else has he pissed off?

Oh yeah, Trump’s America.

I’m not sure if he was responsible for this, but Wikileaks hosted the dox of the ICE agents that Antifa put up on the internet… so that’s really burning the bridge from both ends, if you know what I mean.


Ecuador is ready to hand over the WikiLeaks founder to the UK in “coming weeks or even days,” RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said citing her own sources, as prospects of his eviction from the embassy are back in the media.

“My sources tell [Julian] Assange will be handed over to Britain in the coming weeks or even days,” Simonyan wrote in a recent tweet which was reposted by WikiLeaks. “Like never before, I wish my sources were wrong,” she continued. 

Hmm. She’s a serious chick. I think that this might be solid info.

Isn’t that a strange tweet? I think the Assange internet ban is still in effect and he’s not running the account. 

Now, from what I understand, the Swedish feminist groupies who claim that he raped her by not using a condom dropped the charges, but then they were picked back up by a cat lady Deep State judge.

But let’s be real, if the Ecuadorians surrender Assange, the Brits will probably hand him over to American CIAniggers.

Simonyan’s message comes, as speculations Ecuador is in talks with the UK over the future of Assange are back again in British press. Earlier this week, the Times reported Britain is locked in top-tier discussions with the Ecuadorians in a bid to remove Assange from their London embassy. 

This gay Jew is pretty woke to the whole Deep State question, I’ll give him that.

The Times report comes just weeks before a visit to the UK by the newly-elected Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno, who has labeled Assange a “hacker”, an “inherited problem” and a “stone in the shoe.”

There have been other worrying signs indicating Assange is steadily becoming a troublemaker for Ecuador. In late March this year, the Ecuadorian government has suspended Assange’s communication privileges with the outside world, cutting off his Internet connection at the embassy.

The move was sparked by Assange’s alleged breach of an agreement to refrain from interfering in other states’ affairs. Previously, he blasted the Spanish government for cracking down on the Catalan independence movement.

Of all the things to get in trouble for… you just had to start tweeting support for that gay astroturfed Catalan bullshit? Man, if you weren’t Julian Assange, I’d write an entire article calling you a total ‘tard and blast it on the interwebs.

Get out of here with that gay shit. Now you’re pissing us neon-nazis off.

Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012 when he asked the Latin American state for asylum. The 47-year-old was wanted by Sweden on sexual assault allegations, but feared the extradition would lead to him being transferred to the US and prosecuted without a fair trial.

The US has been saying that Assange was “engaged in terrorism,” with Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, last year calling his arrest a “priority.” Over the years, WikiLeaks has published hundreds of thousands of classified US files, including the cables on the Iraq War, leaked by whistleblower Chelsea Manning in 2010. 

That “Chelsea” thing is pretty stupid too. Nothing will ever make me call that man “Chelsea.” It rankles me that the whistleblower community insists that we go along with that bullshit. I find the MK Ultra torture in solitary confinement explanation more convincing and that’s what I’m sticking to.

Bradley has been tortured into thinking he’s a chick and everyone’s playing along with it because, bizarrely, at this point in history, it’s the trendy thing.

This shit’s too funny/weird/bizarre for words.

But yeah, with Rafael Correa gone – the guy at least tried to stick it to Washington from time to time – things look bleak for Assange with the new president.

On the one hand, the UK might throw him in a Moslem prison… or the US might get its hands on him and MK Ultra him like they did Manning.

We’ll have to call him “Julie.”

Oh and get this, he even managed to piss Russia off too with some older hack, so that escape route is cut off too.

You can’t simultaneously piss off literally everyone in the world at the same time and think that you’re going to come out on top.

I mean, what is this guy thinking?

This is religious fanaticism or something. Zealots act like this. Most people choose allies at one point or another. But Assange seems to be locked into the martyr route at this point.

It’s not even all bad really. He may even end up becoming a Cyberpunk religious figure in the future with a Jesus like “he died for our anonymity” type story. That’d be pretty cool, you have to admit.