Royal Family was Terrified Meghan Markle Would Publicly Accuse Them All of Racism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2020

Yeah, she for sure would have done this.

The Daily Stormer predicted it before the Sunday Times reported it.

Fox News:

Members of the monarchy feared Meghan Markle would accuse the royal family of sexism and racism if Prince Harry and his wife’s request to reduce their senior status was not approved, according to a report.

Harry and Markle announced their decision last week to give up their current senior roles and become part-time members of the royal family in order to live between the U.K. and North America while earning their own income.

Queen Elizabeth II officially signed off on the couple’s shocking request earlier this week after holding a summit for discussions with her grandson Harry, but Sunday Times journalist Tom Bradby believes the 93-year-old’s approval may have been made out of fear.

According to the Sunday Times, Bradby claimed the queen feared the former “Suits” star would conduct a “no-holds-barred interview” where she would possibly call out the royal family for being “racist and sexist.”

“I don’t think it would be pretty,” Bradby explained

She’s not pretty, Bradby?

Are you saying that because she’s black?

This split from the family has apparently led to a split between Harry and the African pet.

Markle and Harry continue to be apart amid the Megxit fallout. Markle is currently staying in Canada with baby Archie, 8 months. Meanwhile, Harry made his first appearance at Buckingham Palace since Monday’s summit in honor of the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.

Or maybe the two splits are unrelated.

The whole marriage seems to be a shakedown.

I predicted this. Mulatto women virtually always hate white people, and it’s very rare that they marry them.

Markle was an even more extreme case, as she has a white father. Mulattoes almost always have white mothers, for the obvious reasons.

And she has never hidden her hatred of her white father.

So the idea she was enthused about marrying a white man – after a failed marriage with a Jew – was absurd.

Meghan was a 35-year-old divorcee and ran into the opportunity to fleece a literal prince, so of course she took it.