Roy Moore Announces He Will Sue Washington Post Jews

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2017

Roy Moore defeated a more kosher candidate supported by the GOP’s Jewish hedge fund donors against big odds. The fact that money alone is no longer enough to secure a political race has the system nervous.

After securing his spot in the upcoming Alabama congressional race, Moore has been subject to character assassination. The guy is serious about his Christianity, so gathering opposition research on him other than “he’s too extreme” has been difficult.

The Jew Marty Baron at the Washington Puppy Paper Trainer has decided to run a dubious story accusing Moore of taking a 14-year-old girl out on a date and making her touch him over his underwear 40 years ago.

It’s a classic tabloid hit-job and it’s premeditated, but will it work? Gloria Allred’s parade of fake Trump rape victims (who disappeared as soon as Trump was elected) didn’t work.

People believe the Weinstein accusations because they’re true, but they don’t believe bullshit like this. In 2016 Jews got sloppier and Goyim got smarter.

This tactic probably won’t work against Moore, but his decision to sue the kippahs off the angry, pernicious neo-con Jew crew is welcome.


Senate candidate Roy Moore said in a speech Sunday night that he intended to file a lawsuit against The Washington Post regarding the story it published Thursday in which he was accused of sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old girl.

Moore spoke at Huntsville Christian Academy in an event closed to the media.

Moore again vehemently denied the allegations in The Post story, which interviewed four women who described romantic or sexual encounters with Moore when they were teens and the Republican nominee was in his 30s.

Moore brought up the allegations near the end of a 40-minute speech.

“About three days ago, The Washington Post published another attack on my character and reputation in a desperate attempt to stop my political campaign,” he said. “These attacks about a minor child are completely false and untrue. And for which they will be sued.”

Moore then received an ovation from the crowd – one of many that occurred during the speech. At the end, Moore received a standing ovation.

Just for the record, WaPo only had one woman accuse Moore of sexual contact (where she claims she touched Moore over his underwear and nothing else happened).

The other women accusing him were 16-18 and he was 30 at the time of their alleged encounters. All of these women said Moore had taken them out on dates and never went further than a kiss. The women in question said he was a gentleman and it was a flattering experience.

Bugmen and J-leftists are taking this story and implying that Moore is a “pedophile”! Comparing a 30-year-old man taking even a 16-year-old out on a date to the movies to homosexual Kevin Spacey trying to sodomize underage boys being plied with booze and cocaine is the kind of dishonest moral relativism J-leftists always engage in.

The age of consent in Alabama is 16, none of the girls are accusing him of sex, no crime was committed even if the allegations are true.

Let’s hope he wins lots of the cash Jeff Bezos pays the Kosher Nostra for protection.

Just as the Washington Post feels no guilt in having its “Democracy Dies in Darkness” watermark in videos taking pleasure over the shut down of The Daily Stormer, I will reciprocate by popping a champagne bottle when kike Marty Baron’s hate and libel machine goes down for good.