Round-Up of Weird and Wacky Election Crap

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2018

Let’s just go through some of the things that happened in the midterms, completely at random.

Just to give you an idea of how retarded everything is.

“Dónde votar?” – “Where to Vote?” in Spanish was the Top Trending Search on Google

I’m sure all these people who don’t even speak English were perfectly eligible to vote. Right? I mean, I read that election fraud never happens. The main way that elections are meddled in is by Russians posting memes on Facebook.

Daily Mail:

But the biggest question on Tuesday morning was about location. Google revealed that the top trending search was ‘dónde votar’ – which translates to ‘where to vote’ in Spanish.

The phrase spiked by 3,350 percent in anticipation of Tuesday’s midterm races.

Nothing to concern, silly goyim.

Florida Legalizes Felons (Black People) Voting

Fake black guy Sean King was happy about this one.

Every time I see something from Sean King I’m like “wow, how the hell is that guy still around, still pretending to be black?”

Anyway, apparently nearly 10% of the population of Florida are convicted felons. And I very much doubt many of them are going to be voting Republican.

Who was behind this, I wonder? Certainly the blacks didn’t organize this initiative themselves…

Wow, I wouldn’t have guess that.

The Jews. 

At Time of Writing, The “Old-Fashioned Nasty Nigger” Stacey Abrams is Refusing to Concede

Abrams is saying “gibsmedat governorship.”

Daily Mail:

A defiant Stacey Abrams refused to concede the Georgia governor’s race early Wednesday morning, telling her Demorcatic supporters that despite trailing by about 3 percentage points she expected to come back enough to trigger a December runoff.

‘You’re going to have a chance to do a do-over,’ she said, talking to voters in a state where nearly 3.8 million people cast votes in a contest that held the potential for her to be the first black female chief exective of a U.S. state.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, a Republican, led Abrams with 51 per cent of the vote to her 48 per cent.

There is no grounds for this – 3% is way beyond the margin of error. Let me amend that – the grounds for it is that she’s a dumb nigger.

Once again, the fake black guy.

Being a fake black guy is really, really profitable.

Kinda like it was very profitable for Elizabeth Warren to be a fake Indian.

If white privilege exists, then why do white people pretend to be nonwhite to advance their careers?

First Indian Congresswoman

Speaking of Elizabeth Warren being a fake Indian, this is being tacitly admitted by the media that is announcing two other Injun females are the first Injun Congresswomen.

I thought CNN was still claiming that Liz was a true Cherokee warrior princess.

Apparently not, lol.

To double up on the vibrancy, one of them is a lesbian… or a tranny… I can’t tell.

You decide.

Double the Moslem Females

We’ve doubled-up also on the first Moslem females.

And unlike Keith Ellison, who is an actual black American who just converted to Islam (an American version of Islam, in fact – NoI), these are literal Islamic invaders.

The good news is that Ilhan Omar has sworn to kill Jews.

But I think she’ll break that promise.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the Youngest Slut Ever

This bitch was no surprise.

Her victory speech was basically “race war now.”

Though I expect her to cut the “gas the kikes” part from it. All of these Democrats who are coming in with an anti-Jew agenda are going to end up bending the knee.

Bitch looks good in that blue dress tho.

If she just keeps her donkey mouth shut.

Just in general, women look better with their mouths shut. But she is a special case for sure.

That shit is like – well, you know what it is like. Everyone pictures the same thing when they see her open her mouth.

Dress by Chanel. Mouth by H.R. Geiger.

First Man-on-Man Anal Governor

In a celebration of ramming a penis into another man’s butthole – in fact, into the buttholes of thousands of different men, sometimes up to fifty in the same night – we have our first “Anal Governor.”

He sure looks like he enjoys sodomizing 12-year-old boys, that’s for sure.

Colorado is high on marijuana which drops their testosterone levels and makes them support man-on-man anal.

Here’s a documentary film about the new governor.

Michigan Legalizes Weed

Along with all this other bullshit, Michigan decided to legalize recreational marijuana. So I guess they’re going to elect a GRIDS governor next.

Understand this: marijuana lowers your testosterone. That’s why it makes you grow breasts, and makes you think it is cool for men to ram their penises in other men’s rectums.

Scott Walker Lost

I don’t even know that this was predicted, but Wisconsin governor Scott Walker – who has run for President a bunch of times – lost.

He was a dweeb and a cuck.

He tried to not align with Trump at all then eventually did a rally with him but refused to talk about immigration and instead talked a bunch of bullshit no one cares about – economy, etc.

Let this be a lesson: no one really cares about the economy. We’ve all got smartphones and food and vidya. It sucks being poor, sure, but it is nothing compared to being overrun and displaced by foreign hordes.

Furthermore, if the foreign hordes were expelled, there would be no economic problems anyway. Everyone knows that.

If you don’t run on white nationalism, you will lose. Period. That is the game we are in now.

Keith Ellison Won, Despite Beating Up His GF

Swedesota officially loves niggers more than they love women’s rights, I guess.

Or they never really cared about women’s rights, and pretending to care about women’s rights was always just a way to attack white men.

He was actually projected to lose, because he beats his ugly spic gf, but apparently no one cares.

I wonder if the gf had been less repulsive if people would have cared more about her getting her ass whooped by this nigger?

Probably not. Again – this is the polarization. Side issues like economics or beating up some stupid bitch are irrelevant.

This is a race war. 

Bottom Line

What we are seeing here is full-polarization, to a radical degree. To a degree not seen since 1930s Germany – if you catch my drift.

Because the opposite side of all this weird shit I just went through here is that Steve King won, as did all the other borderline white nationalist MAGA candidates. Cuckservatives that didn’t resign got blown the fuck out, and a lot of mainstream Democrats didn’t win.

We are seeing a literal communist v. fascist divide.

And now that we know this, we can act accordingly in 2020.

In 2020, there will be no attempt by the GOP to be anything other than what it is: the party of white people.

Conversely, there will be no attempt of the Democrats to be something other than what they are: the party of revolutionary brown communism.

Strange days, kids.

Strange days.