Rotting Prune Nancy Pelosi Says White Men Only Concerned About “Guns, Gays and God”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2016

Last night at the DNC, the rotted prune Nancy Pelosi attacked “uneducated” White men for being overly concerned about “the three Gs” – “guns, gays and God” – and so voting against their own interests. By “God,” she qualified that she was speaking about abortion.

That was the way Bush got elected, and the same platform the disgusting slug Jeb Bush – as well as the rest of those cuckolded scumbags – tried to run on. It was an ideology called “conservatism.”

Someone should explain to this wrinkle-bitch Pelosi that things have changed. Conservatism is a now-defunct ideology which will never exist again. It was based on emotional triggers designed to get Whites to support their own destruction by supporting a GOP which was fundamentally almost exactly the same as the Democrat party.

<> on September 8, 2014 in Washington, DC.

Free trade + mass immigration

Instead of the three Gs, we are now concerned about the 3 Js – “Juan, jihad and jobs” – that is, third world immigration, both from Mexico and abroad, the removal of kebab from our country, and the economic system of free trade.

You could even call it the one G – “GLOBALISM.”

Of course, the guns are still very important, but we already know that the populist-nationalist candidate who is going to protect us from immigrants and economic exploitation will protect our gun rights.


We ain’t even gotta worry about that emotional trigger no more.

I still hate faggots and think they should be thrown in bogs, and I hate feminism, but right now, immigration is so much more important than any other issue that I’m not even bothered. We can fix the faggot and feminist problems. But we cannot fix the problem of having been ethnically cleansed. There is no going back from that one.

But give the ugly bitch Pelosi a break – she’s 236-years-old, and her mind isn’t what it used to be. She obviously thought this was an election against George W. Bush.

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