Rose McGowan Looks Healthful, Calls the DEMON-RATS a Cult

Actress Rose McGowan appeared on Fox News with Tammy Bruce, looking 25 years younger than the last time I saw her. She had a facelift, but more importantly, she’s lost weight.

McGowan explained that she grew up in a cult, and that the Democrats are a cult that support only weird agendas and hurt people. McGowan was one of the first people to say that Harvey Weinstein was a dirty Jew, but she quickly moved away from the metoo agenda, claiming she was persecuted for being white and not a tranny. She had sort of a breakdown, but now she seems okay.

I’m sure she’s mostly becoming a Republican for comfort, but it is meaningful that she’s doing this while she looks much healthier, and it is meaningful that she is saying that Hollywood is implanting people with false beliefs that don’t mean anything.

I would add to Rose’s thing: Republicans need to also examine what is organic about their beliefs. For example: is it fundamental that Americans fight and die for Israeli Jew racial supremacy, or for a completely anal Taiwan?