Rose McGowan Backs Matthew McConaughey Calling Out Condescending Jews

You know what is BASED?

Celebrities from Hollywood who agree with our beliefs, sort of!

Rose McGowan was in a TEEN MOVIE in the 1990s and then she married MARILYN MANSON – now she’s in her 40s and she’s on the INTERNET saying Harvey Weinstein RAPED HER by telling her she could only have a movie role if she gave him a SENSUAL MASSAGE, and she’s also calling out ANTI-WHITE Jews and hinting at support for DONALD TRUMP.

Talk about BASED…!

Okay, so… I don’t really think much of Hollywood celebrities, and I’m kind of exhausted by the whole “THIS BASED PERSON FROM JEWISH MEDIA SAID SOMETHING SORT OF AGAINST THE JEWS!!!”

I think this gives credibility to people who only have credibility because the Jews decided to give them credibility. “Acting” is not a real skill. Or rather, it is a skill and not a talent. It’s a skill that anyone can learn given a few months’ practice, no different than say, ice skating. And there is no Olympic level version of it. Any random person can be as good of an actor as any movie star if they spend a year or two doing it.

There are certain actors, like Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Marlon Brando or Al Pacino who have a special weight to their personality that gives them magnetic charisma. But that’s a personality trait, not a skill, and is unrelated to any “acting talent.” These are people who would have larger-than-life, memorable personalities if they were working at a bait shop down by the lake.

Yes, they are good looking, but at least one in 100 people is remarkably good looking. We all had at least a couple people who were uniquely good looking at our high school, didn’t we? Furthermore, even if you are the most beautiful person who ever lived (which isn’t really possible), it doesn’t make you worthy of social importance.

Social importance should be tied to achievement. The actor is the first class of people that was celebrated as celebrities simply at random. Or, more than just random – for their ability to please the Jews.

HOWEVER – there is a reason that I think it is important when actors come out and say things against the Jews, and that is this: they know what they’re talking about.

Matthew McConaughey, who McGowan was agreeing with in her post, spoke carefully but relatively frankly about the Jews and their behavior in Hollywood on the Joe Rogan show.

In the INSIDER article that McGowan posted to Twitter this week, which featured an appearance by McConaughey on Russell Brand’s podcast, he was similarly frank.

“There are a lot [of people] on that illiberal left that absolutely condescend, patronize, and are arrogant towards that other 50%,” McConaughey told Brand.

Obviously, he is around these people, and he would know.

The other reason that it matters when these Hollywood celebrities say this stuff is that the other side worships Hollywood, and it really riles them up when one of the members of the elite priest class steps out of line and commits heresy. (Note: the news media is the lower priest class, while Hollywood is the elite priest class.)

They lost it.

Even the infamous anti-white Jew Tim Wise (who has called for me to be murdered, by the way) came out and attacked McConaughey.

I will tell you this: there is nothing on this planet more bizarre than the fact that the ruling elite have chosen “privileged” as their favorite adjective with which to attack the working class as evil.

It would be more accurate – and also funnier – if they just called Trump supporters “peasant scum.”

Because, let’s be real here – that’s what every good liberal hears when they hear “racist” or “privileged.” The people who use these words point at working class people, who might even live in trailers, who have stupid looking facial hair, probably have an opioid problem (and if they don’t they’re probably more overweight than you are), probably consider Applebee’s “fine dining,” and are likely to be caught wearing a NASCAR t-shirt with their MAGA hat.

Both “racist” and “privileged” are terms that people who consider themselves upper class use to describe people who they view as lower class. The nifty thing is that a person who is lower class by birth can become associated with the upper class by signaling using this language.

Here’s the thing: they can afford to have positive feelings towards immigrants, because they can afford not to live around them. That is effectively what a person is saying when they say “refugees welcome” – they’re saying “I’m well off enough that I don’t have to live around refugees.” Because obviously, no one who lives around Somalians is out there saying they love Somalians – it just simply does not happen.

It’s all very transparent and obvious. Though I suppose, frankly, a lot of people involved in this process don’t admit to themselves that they’re actually just looking down on poor people – and hiding behind the shield of Somalians and Guatemalans to justify their hatred for the peasant class.

A lot of more intelligent people would think they were less gay if they were just like “we hate peasant scum because they’re poor.”