Roosh V Banned from Amazon for No Clear Reason

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2018

Manosphere figure Roosh V, best known for running the website Return of Kings, has had 9 of his books banned from Amazon with no explanation.

I went through this same thing with Lulu over my book Merchants of Sin about 8 months ago.

Merchants of Sin is not a Daily Stormer polemic full of racial invective – it’s a series of historical facts each carefully backed up by Academic sources.

Asking them for a specific passage that violated their ToS I was repeatedly stonewalled with the same vague statement about “offensive material” or some shit.

Still, that wasn’t terribly shocking considering my book contains many inconvenient facts about many people who happen to have Jewish backgrounds. That has always been the fastest way to get yourself banned from pretty much everything.

Roosh, though – this is on a whole other level. His book, from what I can tell, is nothing more than a self-help book for men; a guide for navigating the nightmare that is the modern world and the modern day sexual marketplace.

I guess that’s it. That’s all that it takes to be censored in globohomo clown world: giving men advice that may make their lives a little bit better.

Imagine the horror of a man improving his life. Roosh may as well be a literal fire-breathing Nazi with gas chambers in his basement at this point.

No one to the right of AIDS Skrillex is safe.