Roosh Might Be Onto Something Here

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 29, 2019

It is safe to assume at this point that pretty much everything in modern society is trying to turn you gay.

The chemicals in the water, the shows¬†you watch, the people you talk to… EVERYTHING.

And now, apparently, being an assman means that you’re only a few degrees of separation from The Gay. At least that’s according to Roosh (who tends to be right about a lot of things, it must be said).

He hypothesizes the following: “My assertion is that an OBSESSION with asses above that of other female assets, to the point where you are constantly assaulted with ass imagery, is more likely to assure homosexual experimentation.”

It does make a lot of sense on the face of it, I have to admit.

Seems that there was something more sinister about the twerking phenomenon than I first surmised. See, I always thought that it was just an African jungle mating dance and assumed that it was just one of the many steps on the degradation ladder that our society was going to hit on the way down to the depths of Hell.

But it could have actually been a ploy by Big Gay to get people obsessed with asses and then ======> BAM! Full-blown gay nigga!

Also, the whole ass obsession would explain why so many bruddas are low-key gay. I thought it was the single-mommery and the prison situations. But nah, homies is homo cuzza dat azz, it turns out.


This theory smacks a little bit of bro-science.

We’re going to need hard data to make up our minds here. Assmen are very set in their ways.

They’re a stubborn folk.

Obsessed with sniffing out the thiccest slam piggy with the largest brapper.

Can these assmen be saved before they succumb to The Gay?

Methinks there is only one cure.

A steady drip diet of East Asian waifus until critical levels of The Gay subside.

Look into your heart.

You know it to be true.




Or, you know, you could find a thin White girl with a small ass.

But good luck with that lmao nigga u already gay!