Roosh – I’m Gonna Have to Stop You Right There

I wrote a piece this morning about God’s plans for us, which was mostly built around the journey of Roosh V.

The reason I was thinking about writing about Roosh in the first place was to call him out, then I decided it had been a while since I’d written about him, and should give him some praise and frame his journey as a lesson before calling him out.

But I’ve done that – now I’ve got to call him out.

He hasn’t been especially active the last few months, I assume because he’s working on his writing. I hadn’t been following his stream closely because he wasn’t doing regular streams. Then, I came across his April 11, 2021 stream.

It was standard, good content – until it came to his commentary on Tyler Reks (real name Gabe Tuft), a pro-wrestling star who recently announced that he’s become a tranny.

Roosh attempted to claim that this was a masculine man who became a tranny, proving that even masculine men can become trannies.

However, it is far, far from that simple.

Reks, who now goes by the name “Gabbi Tuft,” was not a “manly man” – he was a steroid freak job.

We can conveniently tie this back to what I wrote in my piece about Roosh, regarding men who make strange changes to themselves to impress women: men take steroids because women like it.

Tuft quit pro-wrestling in 2012, saying he wanted to spent time with his wife.

I think probably, he was having a hard time dealing with the steroid regime.

He started a supplement company, and kept the muscle on for a while, presumably to advertise the supplements.

But it wasn’t long before the fake muscles dropped off, and he was left as a normal person, looking deflated.

Then, earlier this year, he announces that he’s a tranny.

Is this all a coincidence?

I think no.

My very specific and strong assertion is that most men who engage in hormone manipulation via steroids are going to become some form of homosexual, and that many, having stopped the dangerous drugs, are going to become straight-up trannies.

In general, our environment – the food and the plastic – are messing with our hormonal systems. This is going to lead to sexual confusion.

“Soy boys” are real. Soy might not be the main factor in their hormonal transformation, but it is external chemicals that are changing them, making them into such pathetic worms.

Steroids obviously do make men bigger and fake masculine – but that is very temporary. You can’t do them forever because it is too hard on your body. You will end up like racist skinhead leader Rich Piana, dead at 46 from an enlarged heart.

And when you stop doing the drugs, what happens to your hormonal system?

Well. All sorts of things. Firstly, your body is not used to making testosterone, because it didn’t think it needed to – because you were injecting it with all that testosterone. Secondly, your estrogen levels are much higher, given that your body is used to producing large amounts of estrogen, as a way to try to manage the amount of testosterone.

Basically, anyone who has taken steroids in significant amounts is a tranny waiting to happen.

Even Arnold has turned into a gay faggot, promoting a faggot weather hoax and getting all emotional about his bastard son he had with the ugly Mexican maid.

This having been said: if you’re in your 40s, 50s or 60s, it might make sense to take TRT. This is a much different thing, and it does appear to be a miracle treatment, from everything we’ve seen. There are some pretty long-term studies on it.

But that said: if you are older and you get on the TRT, what happens when you run out? If, say, there is an apocalypse – what will happen to your emotional and physical state, if the supply is cut?

We don’t know. But that is something that is worth thinking about as well.

But yeah: these steroid people are completely insane. It is all about impressing women. Men are willing to destroy their bodies, and risk becoming trannies, in order to get a slut to recognize them.

Of course, with Gabe Tuft, it didn’t matter he got a slut to recognize him – because he ended up having no interest, and instead, at the age of 42, became a homosexual tranny.

Furthermore: I think we can say with some certainty that Tranny Zero Bruce Jenner took steroids when he was an Olympic level athlete in the 1970s, back before the drugs were even banned.

Roosh’s Point

The point Roosh was making was that even masculine men could get sucked into trannyism. That may or may not be true. Possibly, becoming a tranny could just be the end of the line for sexual perversion, and anyone who engages in a certain amount of gross sexual behavior might in the end become a tranny.

We don’t know.

All I will say is this: we need to be aware of the actual biological issues involved with homosexuality and trannyism. I think that Gabe Tuft couldn’t really resist becoming a tranny, because of what his totally wrecked endocrine system did to his psyche.

I suspect that we are going to continue to see more and more men who used steroids in their 20s and 30s come out as trannies in their 40 and 50s.

The good news is they can count on getting support from true conservatives like Sean Hannity.