Ronaldo Left Out of Games After Being Metooed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2018

So…. I guess this is the end of this guy’s career.

I don’t see how they can pull him from games over these rape hoax charges and then be like “nah, okay, we’ll go ahead and bring him back then.”

And obviously the hoaxed rape isn’t going to proved either way. It happened ten years ago, after she willingly went to a hotel room with him. Maybe the hotel keeps ten years worth of surveillance video (I doubt it, but maybe Vegas is a special case). Maybe they can get video of her laughing and kissing him on the way to the room. Or prove she wasn’t ever in the room at all.

Who knows.

But whatever happens in this case, this new line of “I believe her” (regardless of any form of proof or due process or anything at all other than an unsubstantiated claim) is going to rip apart the fabric of every institution in the world. I can tell you that.


Cristiano Ronaldo has not been named in the Portugal squad for the upcoming internationals against Poland and Scotland, it was announced on Thursday.

National team coach Fernando Santos has opted not to pick the Juventus forward, who is at the center of rape allegations after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.

According to reports in Portugal, the forward spoke with Santos and Portuguese football federation boss Fernando Gomes, with the trio deciding it would be best to omit the Juventus star from the squad for the upcoming games in October and November.

It was not indicated whether the decision was linked to the current allegations against the player.

Ronaldo missed Portugal’s previous two internationals in September, with that decision being taken to allow him time to settle at his new club after making a €100 million move to Juventus from Real Madrid.

At a news conference on Thursday, Portugal coach Santos said Ronaldo had pledged continued commitment to the team, and that “in the future, nothing will prevent Ronaldo from contributing.”

The Juve star is accused of raping American woman Kathryn Mayorga, 34, in a Las Vegas hotel room after a night spent partying in 2009.

That’s just it then, apparently.

Game over for Ronaldo.

Or maybe they’ll bring him back and claim that there is some other reason they pulled him from these games. Who knows. This stuff obviously matters a lot less in Southern Europe. But so much of the audience is from countries where people take lying sluts hoaxing rape at their word.

It’s just…

“We were drunk and I went up to his hotel room and we were in his bed and he just all the sudden raped me.”

I just can’t even take it anymore.

If women are really so absolutely fucking stupid that they will go drunk to the hotel room of a man they do not intend to have sex with, then they need to be treated like any other stupid domestic animal.

If a dog is incapable of not running out in front of traffic, you put him on a leash, do you not? For his own protection, right?

This whole slut thing is so out of control, it is impossible to even try to unravel it.