Ron Paul is a Real Kook

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2016

I was never a big Ron Paul guy, but I didn’t realize until he began talking about Trump what a complete whackjob he is. He just rambles on and sounds nuts.

This guy actually wants to abolish the government, which is completely insane. He celebrates Obama’s shrinking of the military, but won’t ever explain how you can keep your country from being invaded by another country if you have no government or military and other countries have governments and militaries.

Watching Ron Paul on Donald Trump really puts 2000s libertarian Conspiracy theorism in perspective.

What was going on with all of that noise?

Speaking of 2000s libertarian conspiracy theorism, someone posted this comment on my Star Wars article yesterday:

The entire theme of this autistic retard site is “The Jews did it” it amazes me how you retards think you are better than any ulta liberal leftist, both groups are simply brainwashed fools, the only difference is Daily Stormer types are just extreme racist white supremacists/nationalists who don’t have racial self hatred like a white leftist would. Still, you retards are brainwashed, the reason why they flood western civilization with non-europeans is because it is easier for them to control a non-unified people and they twanna destroy all sense of nationalism. The White elites main powerbase is western civilization and they control most of the worlds economy through the central banking system.

The elite use jews as a scape goat so the masses blame jews, at the very top are elites who you don’t know about, don’t have a public face and are not Jewish. The founders of the elitist organization bilderberg group were non Jews. The most powerful “Jew” banking dynasty on earth the Rothschilds are proven to be agents of the vatican.

I don’t believe the Jesuit conspiracy just like I don’t believe the Jew one but there is sufficient evidence to prove the founders of the bilderberg group were non-jews and that the rothschilds are agents of the vatican, many of their past members were part of that knights of malta elitist group.

Also this article is stupid, the mexican guy looks like a white latino and he looks at least 75% European and 25% Native that “Whitish” Jew actor is obviously a white man. The retard who makes this article simply feeds into the white social construct which has more basis in being a cultural/social construct grouping than racial genetic fact. The white social construct grew to include all people of European origin, obviously there are white actors in this film , out of the 8 starting cast, 4 are white males, yes one is mexican who is prboabably 75% European but Black Americans are all 15-25% European racially, they are still considered black. You need at least 30% ancestry from another race to notice a major physical difference on someone.

And I was like “wow, how quaint. I haven’t heard someone say ‘it’s not the Jews, it’s the secret invisible Illuminati mystery men’ since like, 2009.”

Not even Alex Jones says that anymore (he doesn’t talk about Jews either, of course, he just avoids the entire question of “who’s in charge?” and just blames generic liberalism like the rest of the cuckservatives).

alex jones at the rnc

Reading that comment, you get kind of the same feeling you get watching Ron Paul now.

Libertarian conspiracy theorism was really, really goofy. But most of us were into it, just because it was the only game in town.

The 2010s have brought much better days.


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