Ron DeSantis’ Female Spokesman Banned from Twitter for Disagreeing with a Journalist

Nigga whaaaaaaaa

I just remembered that before Donald Trump took the coronavirus vaxx, he used to get all hopped up on Regeneron and go nuts.

Fox News:

A spokeswoman for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis allegedly harassed a reporter via Twitter — so the social media platform temporarily shuttered her account due to “abusive behavior.”

Christina Pushaw apparently disagreed with a Tuesday story from Associated Press reporter Brendan Farrington, about a multimillion dollar DeSantis donor who also invested in a company producing Regeneron, a drug used to treat COVID patients.

DeSantis has pushed for the drug as a COVID-19 treatment in his state.

Pushaw shared Farrington’s report on her Twitter account and asked her followers to “drag them” before deleting the post.

The spokeswoman also threatened to put Farrington “on blast” if the story wasn’t changed, and retweeted a message about the AP, adding the words “Light. Them. Up.”

Farrington received a number of threats after Pushaw’s tweets, according to the Associated Press.

It’s de facto illegal to criticize journalists in America. They are a priest class.

The government refuses to protect the right to free speech on the internet, which is not actually different than censoring people themselves.

Meanwhile, if you try to go out on the streets and disagree with the media, you will be attacked by a mob of Antifa. The police not only will refuse to protect you from them, but if you defend yourself, you will be prosecuted.

The United States is not really even pretending to be a free country anymore. We’ve now completely given up on freedom, and now the only thing we have is democracy.

Personally, I would choose freedom over democracy. In fact, I would choose freedom over most things – up to and including child trannies.

Obviously, the long term agenda here is to make it de facto illegal to disagree with Democrats at all, on anything. The setup for that is already fully established.

Sometimes I wonder if the vaxx really is designed to control people’s brains using 5G. At this point, any plan to indefinitely sustain this level of political repression makes about as much sense as the theory that the “Afghan Government” can hold Kabul for three months after US troops pull out.