Ron DeSantis Could Form a Legitimate Confederacy by Continually Refusing to Follow Fed Decrees

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is continuing to prove that he is the most legit elected official in America.

Firstly, you should watch some of the clip that shows Ron DeSantis signing his anti-censorship bill last Monday. It looks like a Mexican party. Everyone there is Latino, except James O’Keefe.

Most of them are definitely lighter-skinned Cubans, but it is really a surreal thing – this Latin party atmosphere. He himself is Italian obviously, and seems to fit right in.

(The one in the back is pretty dark, but the others – eh. Whatever. Close enough. They just look like Spanish people from Spain. James O’Keefe looks confused as heck having just walked into fiesta el grande. Seriously, watch the video – these people are doing whistles and hoots. DeSantis is the big alpha chad in his David Byrne suit. But yeah, you know – Southern Europe was always a bit darker, Southern US is a bit darker – I’m not sweating it. But watching him list off 15 Spanish names before “and James O’Keefe” was very funny.)

DeSantis is promoting freedom. That isn’t just Fox News hype. He’s really changed the entire narrative of the coronavirus in America, pretty much single-handedly, by refusing to go along with the narrative.

He’s now taking on the role of basically his own new federal government. He’s declaring that he’s going to fine Twitter and Facebook for banning people for political speech.

He opens the speech with the basic thing – my 2017 narrative – about how the Founding Fathers never could have imagined corporations completely controlling the public square, and therefore the First Amendment has to be protected against corporate censorship. He even referred to the tech companies as “common carriers.” (It was literally just all those articles I wrote in 2017 when I was having a pity party for myself and my freedoms.)

He has basically done what Donald Trump should have done in 2017, declaring that he is going to allow people to sue for up to $100,000 in damages if they’re censored.

Just as always, the Jews are claiming that it is an infringement of Twitter and Facebook’s corporate First Amendment rights to manipulate the entire society by privately owning the entire internet.

I just don’t think anyone is buying that nonsense anymore.

It’s weird to see DeSantis just basically taking the lead of the entire right-wing. And he has all of these anti-communist Latinos, who seem to have a totally different idea about the way governments are run.

In the future, if he comes into direct conflict with the feds, he could just form his own military junta to rival the one in Washington. There’s nothing to stop him from doing that, really. What are the feds going to do? Send in the military?

Did you realize he’s only 42? He’s only six years older than me. It’s kinda nuts to see a young guy with this much power.

He looks 15 years older because –

I support everything he’s doing, pretty much, other than his love for Israel. But this freedom stuff – it is the top priority.

I will say: I don’t think he should run for president. He has a lot more power in his position now, leading this posse of anti-communist Latinos, radical white nationalist MAGA baby boomer retirees, and of course, the normal Southerners up at the top of the state.

It’s a weird series of events, but Florida is the only state with right-wing Latinos, which happened as a quirk of geography and history, and they seem to be the only people in America actually interested in fighting to preserve some semblance of freedom. So, whatever. I say DeSantis is doing great holding ground in Florida, forcing change on the rest of the country by basically bullying other red state governors to follow his lead.

He figured out coronavirus was a hoax and that nothing was going to happen if he just didn’t lock down at all (he could see Sweden, even if he didn’t go deep conspiracy), and so he just used states’ rights to do something no other state was doing and didn’t lock down (technically a few other less relevant states took the same path, but they’re not huge urban centers like Florida).

He’s not only refused to lock down, but banned any attempt to implement a vaxx passport – including blocking “private companies” from requiring proof of vaxx to enter. It’s not clear that he’s able to prevent businesses from firing people from refusing the vaxx, because a Jew judge ruled that they can do that. But he’s really hitting all this stuff in a real way, providing real freedoms to the people.

He took a big stand on cruise liners, telling them to either not ask for vaxx proofs or just leave. They can’t really leave Florida. Communist Jews of course all are shape-shifting into anarcho-capitalists in response.

Other Jews are just whining and saying everyone is going to die.

He’s saying no exemptions as he guzzles Jew tears.

He’s also going right at these freak homos who are trying to charge people 50X for not being vaxxed at a concert.

I doubt anyone who would go see this faggot band of men in their forties pretending to be teenagers is unvaxxed – but the law is the law! (Note: I wrote that sentence and then looked up the band – they are literally called “Teenage Bottlerocket.” Literally fat slobs pushing forty calling themselves teenagers. Or maybe that refers to the filthy teenage sluts they shoot bottlerockets into, because women will literally have sex with disgusting fat slobs if they perceive them as having social status. Of course, they will all get metoo’d, and probably before that be rendered incapable of erection due to blood clotting.)

Florida had a recent mass shooting by the blacks – who got away and still haven’t been caught – which would be an opportunity for some “law and order” actions. He gave some rhetoric. And I guess it’s one issue at a time.

He’s sticking it to big pharma as well.

He’s got the winning populist agenda, and he’s actually winning at populism. None of this moronic “private companies” stuff defending multinational corporate tech or drug companies, but also deregulation and low taxes to encourage growth. It’s pure bing/bang/boom, all around.

A Path Opens

Regardless of what DeSantis ends up doing or not doing from here on out, I think this is absolutely the model for the future: red states have to push back against the feds, they have to start passing laws that we don’t consider states as being able to pass – like banning big tech censorship.

I’d like to see him tackle tranny sports next. I know they were working on a bill, but so far all of the states have bungled this. Montana’s governor signed the bill, but it’s probably going to get wrecked by feds. DeSantis seems like he could actually push back against the feds and hold his ground on this.

He seems to not do things that he’s not ready to hold his ground on, and the way he pushed through the coronavirus stuff was really amazing.

He’s putting all of the other red state governors – especially that sickening cripple in Texas and that ditzy bitch in South Dakota – to shame.

If I were him, I would start leading some kind of… shall we say… Confederacy of Governors, and take on the feds that way with an eye towards secession. He can then declare Miami the Capital of Free America, and what, are the feds really going to start a civil war? If they do, good, because they will lose.

He just needs to stay away from the lure of running for president of Fedmerica, because we already know that that election is rigged. We saw it rigged. You can’t win that. The Democrats have control of the government, they rigged an election already, they’re going to rig future elections.

Governor elections are different. Those are totally controlled by the state, and in deep red states, they can’t do all that illegal stuff they did in November.

What people need to start realizing is that there will not be unity. We will not get the 35% or so of hard left Jews, communists and brown people to get on board with anything. We have to start looking for ways to separate.

I would like to see DeSantis start pushing laws to alienate and agitate leftists and try to get them to flee the state. That’s going to be important going forward, because these leftists destroy states with immigration and drugs and everything else, then they move to whiter, more wholesome places, and start voting for the same policies that destroyed the places they fled. You have to drive them out somehow. The best way is probably to hit them on feminist and gay stuff.

Imagine that this guy beat a meth-binging black homosexual Democrat by only a fraction of a percent.

Seems like the will of God to me.

Finally, he’s really encouraging business, which is something that no state is really doing. He wants South Florida to become “the next Silicon Valley” through low taxes and low political correctness, and I think you’re going to see new tech companies starting up there with all the tax incentives he’s offering.

He needs to watch his back, because Jews will try to stab him in it. But honestly, the more I see of this guy, the more I believe that no, he is not Fox News hype. He’s not the next Mussolini either, but he’s somewhere in-between the two.

I’ll probably write a less casual and more serious examination of what Ron DeSantis has done in Florida, and the paths along which this could possibly develop in the future. But the thing you have to remember is that the federal government absolutely is becoming less and less functional by the hour. The fed government and all of these companies are replacing their teams with totally incompetent brown people, women and trannies. If Florida and other red states allow meritocracy (i.e., 98% white men) to run the government and to run companies unimpeded by weird diversity gibberish, the balance of power is just going to shift.

Don’t believe in nothing. We’re not totally doomed yet. God is on our side and miracles can happen. Other than the fact that he says all that stuff about Israel, I don’t have anything negative to say about Ron DeSantis. And the Israel stuff is just stuff that Republicans feel like they have to say – for now. Jews still have the money and power, but if you open up spaces for white men to work without all of this tranny stuff and race gibberish, we will quickly outshine the Jews and their tricks, and there will no longer be any reason to appease these odious rapscallions.

DeSantis isn’t a moronic boomer like Donald Trump, and definitely is not stupid enough to think he can appease the Jews by supporting Israel. He sees them at his throat.

We’re finding that there are a lot of good things about boomers when you compare them to millennials, but one thing is clear: they are uniquely obsessed with the Jews, and they are incapable of overcoming that under any circumstances.

The other thing is: DeSantis is a Catholic, and not a Judeo-Christian. So that is a big part of why he’s such a great figure to move us in the right direction. I’m not Catholic and I don’t really know which denomination I align with, but I will say that just as a matter of fact, we do not find this Jew obsession among Catholics, or non-boomers.

Matt Gaetz, who is turning out to be a very interesting figure, is also from Florida.

Just think about this idea of red state governors increasingly starting to pass the laws the feds refuse to pass, and the feds coming into conflict with governors, and governors standing up and refusing to back down. This makes sense.

But we’ve just got to figure out ways to get blacks and other Democrats to leave. The blacks are really the biggest problem in terms of a large voting bloc of Democrats (especially in Florida, where Cubans chase away Mexicans and Squatamalans using Southern techniques), but blacks are probably the easiest to get rid of – you just cut welfare and give them bus tickets to blue states. Blue states are massively expanding welfare programs, especially for blacks, so even minor cuts in programs – just trimming whatever you can here and there – would go a long way.

DeSantis isn’t going to be voted out anytime soon, but the fewer Democrats the better. And obviously just removing blacks makes any area so much safer and more pleasant. No one wants to be around these blacks. Cubans hate blacks and will absolutely support a big push to get rid of them.

Anyway, just a Tuesday rant, some various ideas I have been churning around in my head that I wanted to get out there. Yes, in terms of statistical probability, we’re all doomed, but I don’t in my heart believe we are all doomed. I believe that the satanic system that is the US federal government is bound to fail eventually because it is just so evil and Jewish and totally based on lies, I believe Sino-Friendship is rising, and I believe that portions of the United States can be held together by White Christians who do not hate themselves and are willing to stand up for what’s right and just and true.

I long for the day when we will see a True White Miami (including anti-communist Cubanos of mild to mid-range swarthiness) at the center of the New Free and Unvaxxed America.

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