Romney, Bush, McCain Staffers Declare Support for Kamala-Biden, Finally Confessing Simmering Hatred for America

You know who’s really morally good?

Mitt Romney.


Support for Joe Biden’s White House bid is growing among staffers of past presidential campaigns — Republican ones, that is.

Several dozen former staffers from Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) presidential campaign, the George W. Bush administration and the campaign and Senate staff of former Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) have signed on to an effort to elect Joe Biden. For the Romney and McCain staffers, they’re working to elect the same man they tried to defeat in 2012 and 2008, respectively.

The latest initiative launched by Republicans eager to unseat their party’s incumbent president comes at a moment of division for the GOP. While many in the party have been steadfast in their support of President Donald Trump, vocal pockets of establishment Republicans have worked to defeat him. Those Republicans, in turn, have largely been met with contempt from the president and his base.

Romney in particular has become a staple punching bag at Trump campaign events after he voted earlier this year to convict the president on an article of impeachment. And Trump’s feuds with McCain and the entire Bush family are long-running and well-documented.

In an open letter obtained by POLITICO, the group “Romney Alumni for Biden” says Trump’s rhetoric and actions are antithetical to the Republican Party they believe in.

“What unites us now is a deep conviction that four more years of a Trump presidency will morally bankrupt this country, irreparably damage our democracy, and permanently transform the Republican Party into a toxic personality cult,” the group writes in the letter, published on and released on the day Trump is due to deliver his keynote convention address. “We can’t sit by and allow that to happen.”

The 34 total signatories include finance, operations, policy and events staffers from Romney’s presidential bid.

POLITICO also received in advance a letter from Bush alumni supporting Biden, whose signatories include former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, Bush domestic policy adviser Sally Canfield, former Ambassador James Glassman and former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin. The group praised Biden’s decency and ability to work across party lines and launched a website raising money for the Delaware Democrat.

“Joe Biden has proven himself over years of public service. We have seen him respectfully reach across the aisle, consider a different point of view and make a thoughtful decision to benefit the nation,” the group’s letter said.

Over 100 McCain Senate and campaign staffers signed onto an endorsement for Biden Wednesday, noting the friendship the late Arizona senator enjoyed with Biden. The staffers said they trusted Biden to lead the country through the coronavirus pandemic and to defend the country’s national security.

“Given the incumbent president’s lack of competent leadership, his efforts to aggravate rather than bridge divisions among Americans, and his failure to uphold American values, we believe the election of former Vice President Biden is clearly in the national interest,” they said in their endorsement.

This is ultimate proof that despite the fact that Trump has made little progress on his 2016 agenda, he is still hated by the system, meaning he is still better than any other Republican.

It’s actually incredible that they haven’t broken him yet.

It’s easy to complain about Trump. But he sure is a lot better than the alternative, which would literally endorse Democrats.