Rome: Two Egyptians Arrested for Beating Elderly Woman Near Train Station

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2018

If you love diversity, multiculturalism and/or vibrancy, Rome’s central train station is the place to be.

It has it all: gypsies, hajis, Africans… and sometimes, if you search really hard, you’ll even spot an Italian.


Two illegal migrants were arrested over the weekend in Rome after they were caught by police beating and attempting to rob a woman in her 60s in the vicinity of Termini train station.

The Egyptian migrants approached the woman, who was walking with another woman on the Via Giolitti road, on Sunday afternoon on the south-west side of the train station which serves as the largest in the city, Il Giornale reports.

When one of the women noticed the migrants were attempting to steal her wallet from within her purse, she let out a scream which initially startled the robbers. Immediately after the scream, one of the migrants grabbed the woman and violently threw her to the ground giving her serious injuries, according to police.

Officers in the area also heard the scream and proceeded to block the two migrants, aged 20 and 21, from escaping. Investigators say that as a result of the attack the victim had her upper arm broken and she was taken to a hospital where she is believed to scheduled for surgery in the following few days.

Termini train station has become a hub of migrant and Roma Gypsy crime over the last several years, with robberies and drug dealing common in the area and police officers also being attacked, as was the case last month when an officer was forced to discharge his weapon after being surrounded by a gang of Roma following an attempted robbery.