Rome: Rogues’ Gallery Decrees Global Tax Scheme


Washington Post:

President Biden and the other national leaders gathered for the Group of 20 summit formally endorsed a new global minimum tax on Saturday, capping months of negotiations over the groundbreaking tax accord.

The new global minimum tax of 15 percent aims to reverse the decades-long decline in tax rates on corporations across the world, a trend experts say has deprived governments of revenue to fund social spending programs. The deal is a key achievement for Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who made an international floor on corporate taxes among the top priorities of her tenure and pushed forcefully for swift action on a deal.

The plan was already endorsed by the finance ministers of each country, but its official approval by the heads of state puts added pressure on the difficult task of turning what remains an aspirational agreement into distinct legislation.

Nearly 140 countries representing more than 90 percent of total global economic output have endorsed the deal, but they each must implement the new standards in a process that could take some time.

This reality is like the worst movie ever. The script is published. Anyone can read it and find out what happens next. But people are so invested in the plot that they don’t want to read the spoilers.

As we’ve told you for nearly a decade, the entire purpose of the global warming hoax is to establish a global government. We know that, as a matter of fact, because the people who invented this hoax wrote about it, and every other major player involved in the hoax has written about it since.

The first step, as they’ve said and we’ve repeated here, is a global tax. You can’t have a global tax without a global government. You have to pay the money to someone.

It’s mostly about establishing this entity as the world authority. But it’s also going to be used to further crush the middle class. Although that could really be kicking a dead horse at this point.

The Jews are excited!

Saying that this is going to help normal people is really the epitome of Absolute Kikism.

“Tax dodging” is some fake crisis they just invented out of nowhere. American law allows these corporations to avoid taxes, it’s designed that way because the laws are written by corporate lobbyists. Then the same corporate lobbyists write a law for a global tax ostensibly to tax themselves and –

So exhausting.

People are experiencing future shock like never before, and they just can’t really process what’s happening, especially with how fast it’s happening.

Probably a lot of you reading this can’t process that.