Roger Stone on Infowars Talking About Lewandowski Firing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2016

I’m not going to question the judgment of The Leader.

But I must admit, the Corey Lewandowski firing has made me a bit nervous. Corey was the hardcore bastard who really helped shape the winning strategy.

But maybe that strategy can’t work now, and it’s time for a new strategy, and maybe it’s better this way.

Roger Stone usually knows what’s up. He tells The Fat Man it’s a good move, though I don’t think if he thought it was a bad move he would come out and say that.

Manafort is the epitome of an establishment figure, and that’s why he was clashing with rogue figure Lewandowski, presumably. But I think Manafort wants to win, and maybe his mainstream strategy will help counter-balance things.

I can’t really comment further because I just don’t know. It does make sense, however, that a pivot is necessary.

But the kind of pivot I like is “Hillary Clinton hates the gays.”

I don’t want to pivot to not removing kebab.