Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte Vows to Devour Moslems Alive with Salt and Vinegar, His Approval Rating Soars

Daily Stormer
July 8, 2017

Things are getting hot and heavy out there.

I wish our leaders would threaten to devour their enemies alive.


Duterte really knows how to deal with Moslems.

Meanwhile, in Canada, we have this foolishness to deal with:

No. We need less talking, and more devouring.

He’s been nicknamed The Punisher for his brutal war on drugs which has claimed thousands of lives.

But Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte could earn himself another moniker as The Seasoner after vowing to eat militants alive — with some salt and vinegar on the side.

An angry Duterte unleashed on militants following the brutal abduction and beheading of two Vietnamese sailors in the southern region of Mindanao.

The remains of the two hostages, who were kidnapped along with four other crew members of a Vietnamese cargo ship in November last year, were recovered by Philippine troops on Wednesday.

The military blamed the killings on the notorious kidnap-for-ransom Abu Sayyaf group which has a stronghold in the region.

The terror group is also renowned for beheading hostages.

Wow, these people are basically CNN at this point.

Duterte didn’t hold back on the militants who have been wreaking havoc across the region and engaging in deadly gunbattles with government forces.

“I will eat your liver if you want me to,” he said.

“Give me salt and vinegar and I will eat it in front of you.”

“I eat everything. I am not picky. I eat even what cannot be swallowed.”

The President held up a photo of the two dead sailors and said: “Will we allow ourselves to be enslaved by these people? Son of a whore.”

It’s not the first time Duterte has threatened to eat terrorists.

Obviously – they have to understand that he really means it, after all.

As Duterte wages a war of extermination against the Moslem filth infesting his country, his popularity with the people is soaring like never before.


Rodrigo Duterte has never been more popular, according to a new poll taken on the eve of the first anniversary of his swearing in as Philippine president.

Far from alienating voters with a drug war that has killed thousands, the declaration of martial law in Mindanao, and the cursing out of foreign leaders such as former U.S. president Barack Obama, support for Duterte remains steadfast.

A Social Weather Stations survey of 1,200 Filipinos conducted from June 23-26 showed the satisfaction rating for the tough-talking leader climbing 3 points to a record high of 66 percent compared to the previous survey in March.

The people love him.

The more brutal a leader is against the enemies of the group, the more he will be loved. That’s because everyone loves to see their enemies suffer.

Even “pacifist” hippies would cheer at the sight of “pro war” people being brutalized.

This “human rights” nonsense is just a meme to make strong, populist leaders impossible. The only type of leadership allowed now is the “let’s do our best to please everyone and be nice with our enemies” variety, which doesn’t inspire anyone.

America needs National-Dutertism.

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