Rochester, New York: Big Time Black Riots Over PCP Freakout Death

We had more massive riots in Rochester, New York this weekend, in the name of Daniel Prude, who died in police custody after a bizarre recorded freakout on PCP.

The mob shut down restaurants.

They started the standard fires.

They “clashed” with the cops.

The cops actually seemed to be holding their ground more than they usually do.

Most shockingly, they once again marched into the suburbs, as we all sit watching, realizing that it is only a matter of time before they decide to start slaughtering us.

Here’s a white Black Lives Matter supporter, just in case you were wondering what those look like. They look like this.

The media has once again been ignoring this, like they do the riots in Portland.

The media that did report it once again used the bizarre and Orwellian “mostly peaceful” descriptor.

It’s almost like black people are just looking for an excuse to riot.

I would say this is genetic, but from what I’ve seen of Africa, the blacks are all flying around in spaceships and using high tech.

So with the genetics explanation ruled out, the only remaining explanation is that they act like this because white people hate the color of their skin.

The jogger who died was high on PCP, and involved in a total freakout situation.

To me, and probably to most white people, if you take PCP and get arrested and then have a nude freakout, you probably can’t really expect cops to be nice to you.

Watch the video.

Hilariously, the situation was complicated by the two big hoaxes:

  1. The cops put a bag over his face because he was spitting and they were trying to prevent the coronavirus, and
  2. He thought the cops were planning to kill him, because the media is saying nonstop that cops are murdering black people (plus he was on PCP, which tends to make people a wee bit paranoid)

He lived for a week before dying in the hospital.


The footage showed a group of officers putting a mesh hood over Prude’s head – apparently to prevent his spit from possibly transmitting the novel coronavirus – as he kneels naked and restrained on the street.

The video footage also shows officers forcing Prude’s face down on the ground. Prude can be heard shouting, “Take this … off my face!” and “You’re trying to kill me!” in response to the hood. Officers are heard saying “Calm down” and “stop spitting.”

He died a week later at the hospital.

Seven police officers were suspended on Thursday over the arrest. The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint”, with intoxication by the drug PCP, a contributing factor.

Basically, the situation right now is that it is officially impossible to enforce any kind of law against blacks.

We’re just going to have to let them do whatever they want.

No choice.