Robot Pizza-Maker That Makes 300 Pizzas/Hour Almost Ready for Market

Daily Stormer
October 3, 2019

Turns out that demanding a “living wage” for something high school kids are supposed to do in their spare time for beer money wasn’t the brightest idea ever.

Then again, spics are not generally known for having bright ideas.


Seattle-based startup Picnic recently revealed a pizza-making robot that can produce 300 pies an hour with very little human intervention.

GeekWire reports that the Seattle-based startup Picnic, which was previously known as Otto Robotics and Vivid Robotics, is one of the latest startups that has attempted to enter the food production automation industry. The firm has focused its efforts on the production of a pizza-making robot which now appears to be almost ready to go to market.

“This is what democracy looks like”

“Food is hard. It’s highly variable,” said Picnic CEO Clayton Wood. “We learned a lot about food science in the process of developing the system.” Journalist James Thorne who was invited to see Picnic’s pizza-making machine, describing it as a “white, kitchen-sized iPhone.”

Pizza making machines are not entirely new, but Picnic sets its robot apart in a number of ways. Its machine is much smaller than industrial-sized pizza makers, the recipes can be easily tweaked for each restaurant, and the ingredients used are fresh.

They forgot the biggest advantage, which is not having your food handled by muddy creatures who’ll spit in it if you’re White or think washing your hands after you take a shit is cultural imperialism.

Picnic’s machine is capable of producing 300 12-inch pizzas per hour, much faster than most restaurants could produce pizzas by hand. What sets Picnics robot apart from competitors as well is that certain elements are still left up to the restaurant chefs, such as dough preparation, sauce making, and baking.

Picnic’s business model for the pizza-making system is quite simple, owners pay a regular fee to use the system in their restaurant and in return, they receive ongoing maintenance as well as hardware and software updates. “People are getting more accustomed to the idea of not owning technology because they perceive it to be something that changes quickly. They don’t want to buy a major investment and have it be obsolete in three years,” said Wood.

You know what just dawned on me?

Increasing the minimum wage isn’t gonna affect big corporations that much – especially with automation – but it’s gonna kill off most small and medium-sized business, especially restaurants.

What if big corporations are the ones secretly pushing for this, knowing that they’re just gonna bypass it with automation, while at the same time killing their smaller competitors and then stealing their customers?

Maybe I’m being too paranoid…

But fast food is disgusting shit that kills you, so you shouldn’t eat it regardless of whether it’s made by humans, niggers or robots.