Robot Murders Human at German Volkswagen Factory

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2015

A typical Volkswagen robot.
A typical Volkswagen robot.

Robots have begun murdering humans.

Everyone knew this would happen eventually, so don’t look so surprised.

A robot uprising is the last thing we need right now… either that… or it’s the first thing we need right now.

The Local:

A worker was setting up a robot at a Volkswagen factory when the machine grabbed him and pressed him against a metal slab, causing lethal injuries.

The incident occurred on Monday as a Volkswagen factory in Baunatal, Hesse, when the 21-year-old man from another company was working on assembling the robot for a new electric motor production line.

When the robot started up, it grabbed the man and thrust him against a metal slab. The employee, from a company from Meissen in Saxony, suffered severe contusions in his chest area. He was resuscitated at the scene, but then died at the hospital.

Some questions here:

Did the man do anything to anger the robot? If so, what exactly?

Was the man a Moslem immigrant or a German national?

Did the robot make any statements?