RNC: Party Decides Not to Have a Platform at All (Plus All Night 1 Speeches)

Political platforms were a mistake in the first place, and a hoax, so it’s refreshing to just get rid of them altogether.

A cult of personality is superior, and if we didn’t have people standing in the way of our personality cult, we’d have already taken down the satanic pedophile cannibals and shut down their infernal tunnel structures.

New Yorker:

Modern presidential conventions are inherently propagandistic affairs, usually devoted to a mix of glitzy patches for the presidential nominee, the vice-president, and the party as a whole. The 2020 Republican National Convention has altered the traditional emphasis, which is now devoted almost entirely to glorifying its presidential nominee. President Trump will speak on all four nights of the convention, rather than just one. Half the featured speakers are members of his family:

And perhaps most remarkably of all, the party has announced it will forgo a platform altogether. In lieu of a document attempting to define the party’s beliefs and priorities, the RNC simply states that it agrees with everything Trump has done and will do:

The official excuse is that the coronavirus has made it impossible for the party to get together and write a platform: “The Republican National Committee (RNC) has significantly scaled back the size and scope of the 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte due to strict restrictions on gatherings and meetings, and out of concern for the safety of convention attendees and our hosts.” Yet somehow the Democrats managed to come up with a platform without killing anybody.

The Democrats came up with a platform of solving problems they created. Clearly, the platform was created before they created the problems.

Their main things are:

  • Fix coronavirus
  • Fix the economic collapse caused by coronavirus
  • Fix “systematic racism”

Again: all problems that didn’t exist in January.

Trump obviously can’t run on the economy or anything else, actually, since the entire country was turned upside down by this series of brutal hoaxes foisted on us by the Democrat-aligned Jewish liberal media.

It makes absolute sense to skip having a platform, jokes aside.

Democrats are outraged by the convention, and are condemning Mike Pompeo for giving a speech from the “Jewish rats’ nest” of Israel.

News articles are now often written by bots, but no bot is more vicious than the bot army of the Associated Press, who wants you to understand in no uncertain terms just how unhappy the entire bot hivemind is about the Pompeo alliance with Jews.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sent a cable to all U.S. diplomatic missions last month warning American diplomats that under federal law they should not take overt sides in the presidential campaign. On Tuesday, he plans to ignore his own warning by speaking to the Republican National Convention endorsing President Donald Trump for a second term.

Pompeo’s message to State Department employees reminding them of restrictions on political activity under the Hatch Act was not unusual. Similar, if not identical, cables have been sent by successive secretaries of state every presidential election year. None of his predecessors, however, has disregarded those instructions so obviously.

Despite State Department assurances that Pompeo will be speaking to the convention in his personal capacity and won’t violate the Hatch Act, Democrats and other critics have cried foul. They accuse the country’s top diplomat of inappropriate political behavior that has been anathema to his predecessors and of trashing his own admonition to State Department staffers.

Critics, though, say Pompeo is violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the Hatch Act by using government resources to travel to the venue and jeopardizing long-standing tradition that domestic politics ends at the water’s edge when it comes to diplomacy.

At the same time, they complain that in using Jerusalem as the venue, Pompeo is further politicizing the U.S.-Israel relationship with a pitch for Trump’s reelection.

“It is unprecedented and highly unethical for a sitting secretary of state to address a political convention while on official foreign travel,” said Halie Soifer, the head of the Jewish Democratic Council of America. “In addition to violating the Hatch Act, Secretary Pompeo’s plans to speak at the Republican National Convention from Jerusalem underscore the president’s ongoing effort to politicize the U.S.-Israel relationship.”

I don’t like the Jews either, but I think it’s a bit absurd to imagine that anything is “apolitical” at this point. It’s fair enough that everyone is no longer pretending.

I remember when the AP used to pretend to be apolitical, for instance.

Apparently, there is still some group of people within the Republican Party’s voter base that loves the Jews and thinks that whether or not we get blown up by Islamic terrorists is dependent on how much taxpayer money we give Israel and not on our immigration policy.

So that’s fine. Pompeo can give his speech from the rats’ nest.


I don’t think that anyone who dislikes the Jews is going to not vote for Trump over this, given that the other option is a woman literally married to a Jew banker.

Of course the childless HINDU woman is married to a Jew banker.

A literal Jew banker husband is worse than Trump’s professed love for the state of Israel by a lot.

Furthermore, people who dislike Jews tend to be far right, and opposed to everything in the Democrat Party agenda, especially the trannies and the blacks. And the Jews.

So, let Pompeo give a speech for the drooling Evangelical heretics who think the Christ-killers are “God’s chosen people.”

I’m much more concerned about the security threat presented by Senator Tim Scott.

PICTURED: Senator Tim Scott speaking at the RNC.

Even if he doesn’t start a riot, he’s certain to pull out a gun and threaten people, as well as commit rape and theft.

But seriously: while I’m okay with pandering to the heretic Israel loving boomer evangelicals, did we really need to pander to the blacks?

The nonpolitical news network, CNN, says that the RNC was very dishonest:

The Republican National Convention started off with a parade of dishonesty, in stark contrast with last week’s Democratic convention. While CNN also watched and fact-checked the Democrats, those four nights combined didn’t have the number of misleading and false claims made on the first night of the Republicans’ convention.

Imagine being a news reporter and typing that up as an opening paragraph.

Maintaining this level of vitriol has to be tiring for the Democrat base.

As much as the liberals talk about “hate,” it is painfully obvious that hate is exactly what drives them, and is at this point all that drives them.

They hate white heterosexual males, the group that I belong to and that you probably belong to, which is also the group that built the entire Western world from a bunch of rocks and sticks.

I’m going to vote against hate and in the name of love this November, and I think every other heterosexual white male is going to do the same, regardless of what the GOP platform states or what happens at this convention or the fact that I strongly dislike all of these speakers.

God bless America, and here’s praying that the next RNC will not be filled with all of these disgusting rats.

Here are all of the speeches from day 1 (except Trump, who is at the top).

Steve Scalise:

Suspected homosexual Matt Gaetz:

“Thug” Tim Scott:

Ronna McDaniel (niece of Mitt Romney):

Maximo Alverez:

Nimrata Randhawa:

Charlie Kirk:

Tanya Weinreis:

Donald Trump Jr.:

Kimberly Guilfoyle (this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life):