Rising New SUPER GONORRHEA Resulting from Coronavirus Antibiotic Overuse

I already predicted this.

We were teetering on the edge of a SUPER GONORRHEA crisis long before the government and media sent everyone into a frenzy over a virus.

Business Today:

The overuse of antibiotics during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in cases of gonorrhea. Health experts even fear that the highly drug resistant STI may become untreatable.

The World Health Organisation clearly states the sexually transmitted infection (STI) may become even more resistant to the recommended treatments like azithromycin, which typically is used for chest and sinus infections. Azithromycin has seen an increase in usage during the pandemic.

“Such a situation can fuel the emergence of resistance in gonorrhea including gonorrhea superbug (super gonorrhea) or gonorrhea with high-level resistance to current antibiotics recommended to treat it,” a WHO spokesperson told British media outlet The Sun.

Kevin Cox, executive chairman of the Britain-based startup Biotaspheric Limited stated new treatments are urgently needed for gonorrhea as people who are infected “will infect others and accelerate microbial resistance.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said cases of gonorrhea, which is caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae, have increased 63 per cent since 2014. The US agency has also warned that this could “facilitate transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).” Not only this, it can also cause eye infections.

I’ve long said that STDs are just a hoax to try to get white people to stop reproducing.

That is true of HIV-AIDS, hepatitis B & C, HPV and warts.

Herpes is real, but presumably everyone has it anyway and your outbreaks are just dependent on your physical health. Also, herpes doesn’t really do anything.

I used to say that the ones that are a thing – gonorrhea and chlamydia – are easily cured.

Well, SUPER GONORRHEA isn’t easily cured. And yes, it is actually real.

They’ll tell you you’re only going to get it from a prostitute – but who knows? Most bitches at the club are way dirtier than prostitutes. And every bitch out there is out at the club, I can tell you that.

When you can’t get an STD: when you’re with a long term lover, who you’ve got a hawk eye on.

That’s really the only person you should be having kids with anyway, frankly.

But how convenient that the coronavirus hoax is contributing to slowing white fertility, huh?

What a gosh-darn coincidence.