RIP Lee Keltner, Cowboy Hat Maker Assassinated by an NBC News Hitman

Family of the man shot in Denver have revealed that he is Lee Keltner, a 49-year-old cowboy hat maker.

He was salt of the earth.

He was assassinated by a fake security guard hired by the media.

The little faggot, Matthew Dolloff, killed Lee after having been slapped around like a little pussy ass bitch.

Look at his posture – it looks like his head is growing out of his chest.

He obviously went there with the intention to kill someone. You don’t pose as a fake security guard and go out and start physical confrontations with people while having a gun if you’re not planning on killing someone.

Weak people get off on the idea of killing someone.

He was working for KUSA, an NBC affiliate in Denver. It’s unclear if the media people told him to just start killing Trump supporters. But no one would be surprised if they learned that was the case. How do you accidentally hire a fake security guard who just happens to be a far-left radical?

After Lee was killed, the leftists in Denver celebrated.

On video, they can be heard saying:

“One less white fucking supremacist! Fuck yeah! Right in the fucking dome! Fuck yeah!

All normal white people are Trump-supporters. All Trump-supporters are now “white supremacists.” Therefore, “white supremacist” is a dehumanizing term for “normal white person.” When you are dehumanized thusly, you can be killed, and no one who has internalized the dehumanization propaganda will feel as though they’ve killed a human being.

If you don’t understand what is going on here, let me fill you in: Jews have already finished setting the groundwork for an extermination of White Christians in America.

There is a significant body of people who will cheer as we are all murdered.

That is what Joe Biden represents.

We’d better pray to God he doesn’t make it into the White House.