RIP Andrew Dodson: A Brother in Arms Driven to Suicide by the Leftist Mob

Roy Batty (with Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2018

I don’t know much about Andrew Dodson, guys. And I guess I never will.

He’s dead now, suicide at the age of 34.

Here is his obituary.

He was a young man from Arkansas who was doxed after attending Charlottesville and then harassed to the point of losing it.

Most men kill themselves out of a feeling of hopelessness or guilt. I guess that it was a mixture of both that got Dodson.

But I wonder why no one reached out to him before he killed himself? 

We’ve all had to go through a tough red pill period. Pretty much everyone had that post-red pill suicidal period. Most of us struggled past it alone.

But no one should have to go through a doxing all alone.

Shit can get really bad really fast. At this point we all know how it generally goes: a lot of Westerners no longer hold family sacred, and will instead disown their children – sacrifice them to the gods of multikulit to appease the kikes and polite society. Then employers and universities get involved. All of them collaborate to ruin young White men’s lives for becoming nationalists.

Our guys need support and help during these periods. Both emotional and material. 

Some need a place to lay low for awhile. A helping hand to get a job. Someone to vent to. These things are very important – especially when you feel like the walls are closing in on you.

We let Dodson down, fam.

It sounds like he was in IE – but I don’t want to point the finger directly at them. Perhaps he was a new recruit that hadn’t had time to get integrated, maybe he just ghosted thinking distance would save him. Maybe he was unaffiliated, but just went out to the event because he liked their aesthetic.

I don’t know tbh.

And let’s be real, many prominent Alt-Right figures were incredibly blasé about the fate of the people who showed up to support them.

But we gotta learn from this, Stormer-bros. 

You gotta be your brother’s keeper in situations like this. You gotta reach out and keep tabs from time to time to make sure your bros aren’t feeling like the walls are closing in on them. Just knowing that you’ve got a couch to crash on for a week or two is an incredibly comforting feeling. It’s good to let people know that you’ve got their back if worse comes to worse.

As for the implications of this suicide…

Well, is this what normal people want to be associated with? Is hounding a political dissident to his death by getting the system to grind him down and spit him out considered cool and rebellious?


I don’t think any normal person can look at this and be like, “yeah, what happened to him was fair and justified.” Most normal people would feel a twinge of sympathy for Dodson and disgust at his tormentors: the kikes and shabbos goyim in the media. 

He was originally doxed by someone named Logan Smith.

He hunts down and doxes anyone who questions the party line on under the Twitter handle @YesYoureRacist.

After the news of the suicide broke, Smith succeeded in getting Millennial Matt banned from Twitter for memorializing Andrew.

The first mainstream journalist to publicize the dox was the Jew Jacob Rosenberg, writing for the Arkansas Times.

He made a point to tell the Jew that he was not a “Nazi” (whatever that even is), that he identified with Identity Europa and as an identitarian. But that is all “the fash” that needs “bashed” to the antifa footsoldiers of the Jewish ruling elite.

On the Reddit page of the Chapo Trap House antifa podcast, they were celebrating it.

They defaced his memorial page, attempting to humiliate his family.

This was the goal.

Remember that they did that.

They want us to die and they will celebrate our deaths.

Understand that.

Write that into your heart.

This is only just the beginning of what is going to be a very long war.

Dodson’s passing saddens me. From what I could tell, he was an articulate and passionate nationalist and Christian. But his death should also serve as a warning to young nationalists.

You have to harden yourself and you have to start doing it now. 

Financially, socially, and most importantly of all, mentally.

If you ever plan on going to a meet-up, or an event or you are active online – you should create a bug out plan.

At the very least, it will give you peace of mind.

We live in a time where a man will be hounded to his death for loving his people. Where young kids are encouraged to take hormones to change their genders, where waves of migrants….


It’s tiresome repeating the same points. You know what’s happening. I know what’s happening. Everyone does at this point. Dodson’s activism helped to get us to this point. And for that sacrifice, I know I am grateful to him and all the other activists who risked their lives at these events.

We live in a sick, sick country. A country that forces her sons into suicide. A country that won’t last long…

Dodson’s story is tragic. We had many young political prisoners as a movement. But we now also have a martyr.

Rest in peace, Andrew.

If the Stormer has anything to say about it, your death will never be forgotten.

We will remember you.

And we will remember the people who did this to you.

Hail Andrew Dodson.

Hail Our People.

Hail Victory.